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&Tech Issues

   Mildred  Back in February I commented that AdBlock Plus was great for blocking those pesky ads, the ones that bob and weave and play loud music. I used it for Internet Explorer. I had a few problems recently and about that time Internet Explorer installed their latest version, Explorer 11. Today ads started to appear in great numbers on all sites. I checked with the Geek Squad and they say these are embedded ads and nothing can be done about it. I then searched on the internet and some are saying that AdBlock Plus does not work with Explorer 11. Does anyone have more information? It worked before, why is it not working now? Does anyone use another ad blocker? Thanks.
Thursday at 21:15 EST .

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   Mildred  This morning Lucianne has almost stopped working because of all the ads--I never saw them before. Anyone know where I can go to get more information on how to use AdBlock Plus or something else to rid my computer of all these ads?
Friday at 10:42 EST .

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   Mildred  Update: I could never get AdBlock Plus to work with Explorer even after uninstalling the update to Explorer 11. I now use Explorer 10. However, I found another ad blocker, AdFender, and it works almost as well. I think I can change some of the settings to rid the Flash Player pop up but I want to be sure this is working the way it should. Has anyone used AdFender?
57 minutes ago .

   Nugoddess  Support for Windows XP ends today. If you are looking for some tips, here's a link you might find useful:
April 8 at 15:32 EST .

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   John C  Help, If I drop Foxfire, what is a good substitute?
April 3 at 16:44 EST .

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   Rake King  Safari.
April 9 at 05:48 EST .

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   Seminolesecure  Hello friends. I have a slideshow I need to get together for my son's rehearsal dinner. I have all the photos and have tried Movie Maker (found it cumbersome and confusing and saved photos keep being lost ) and Smilebox, which is a lot easier, but I'm not thrilled with the product. Does anybody have any suggestions? I am not too great with technology. I also want to add music of my choice. The stuff that comes with Smilebox could be used at Gitmo.
March 17 at 19:51 EST .

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   Seminolesecure  Ok. Gonna answer my own question. Try Animoto for your movies and slideshows. Add your own music selection - you will like it a lot better. Their music is still better than Smilebox, but you'd have to listen to 5 million before you happened on something appropriate for your project. The "Simple" design/backdrop for the slides worked best for me.
March 20 at 09:33 EST .

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   Seminolesecure  I might add that my rehearsal dinner slideshow is award winning with Bill Withers' Lovely Day playing in the background.
March 20 at 09:36 EST .

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   Bettijo  Does anyone know anything about the program MaskMe? I have not tried it yet (afraid to ) but this is what I have read about it.

"The more I use MaskMe, the more impressed I am with it. It’s a really good password manager, but it does something that password manager don’t do: Whenever you’re signing up for something that requires your email address, MaskMe will generate a disposable email address which you can use to sign-up for something without giving anyone your real email address. If and when the site you signed up for sends you email, MaskMe will forward it to you. If you don’t want email from that site, just have MaskMe block all future emails from them by clicking “This is spam”. That’s cool. No more spammy emails, no one has your real address (except MaskMe, and even then no one from MaskMe can see it because it’s stored encrypted — and only your password can un-encrypt it.

What I like about MaskMe is that whenever a site asks for my email address, MaskMe pops up and asks if I want to Mask My Email or use my real address. It takes zero extra time and MaskMe will create an infinite number of masked email address for you — and all emails sent to your masked addressed can be tagged as spam and you will never get another mail from that sender.

MaskMe does other great things too — it’s a decent password manager, which keeps getting better and better and better. And if you want to spend $45 a year, you can mask your credit cards, phone numbers and more. If you’re happy just masking your emails and having a good password manager, then the free version will work for you just fine.

MaskMe is an extension for Chrome and Firefox browsers, and it works on Windows, Android and Apple — so you can use it on just about any internet-connected device you own. Unfortunately, Internet Explorer users, there’s no MaskMe extension for you."
March 17 at 08:10 EST .

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   Reevesfarm  For the last several days I get this weird "popup" when I go to is not the result of my clicking on anything it just seems to materialize as the page loads...any thoughts?
   March 14 at 12:10 EST .

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   WI Cynic  I can't read it (image is too small ), but I know I've never seen a similar one. I think it may be unrelated to the Lucianne site. You could try disabling all pop-ups in whatever browser you're using; that's how I have my browser (Firefox ) just because I hate pop-ups in general.
March 14 at 23:01 EST .

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   Reevesfarm  It says "Do you want to open or save 1ABAjHog9WRIJf60RdrdzOilAdlca@9.js (5.90kb ) from I have all pop ups disabled everywhere...I think this is just an error on the Lucianne page, a faulty ref. to js ?
March 15 at 13:01 EST .

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   Tulsa  It's extortion. It may take a professional to remove it if you select save or run. IF you click save or run it will load. Then tell you you have multiple viruses and you must buy their software to remove it. Your screen will be locked.

To avoid most of these, browse 'in private'. Click the 'cog', click safety, click in private browsing. Close the window that does not show in private at the top and then surf.
March 24 at 11:55 EST .

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   ScarletPimpernel  I tried to change my avatar (at the "Avatar Update" link on the left of this page ) from the default flag to something else, but it didn't work, even after I clicked on "finish". Can anyone tell me what I need to do? Thanks!
   March 8 at 20:05 EST .

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   Mildred  I've been reading your comments about those annoying ads. I use AdBlock Plus for Explorer but it is a real nuisance in Chrome. In Chrome you have to block each ad and new ads keep popping up. The animated ones are especially annoying. Some of you have been using Ghostery. Does this work well with Chrome?
   February 5 at 10:55 EST .

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   Southernboy  For those using Safari. there is a way to eliminate a lot of this stuff. Go to Safari preferences, open the ‘Advanced’ pane, and at the bottom of the pane, click on “Show Develop menu in menu bar.” Now at the top of the Safari window you will see “Develop” between “Bookmarks” and “Window.” It’s a drop-down menu and if you click on “Disable Images,” so there is a check mark, it turns off a whole bunch of video stuff. You can’t leave it off because some other sites need it, but it works well to read the news on lucianne. On the same menu you can also check “Disable Runaway Javascript timer” and “Disable Site-specific Hacks.”
I leave those two checked all the time. I hope this might help some. I’ve also complained to Luis about the slow loading. He suggested trying another browser but, oddly enough, Safari has been working well the last couple of days. I finally started opening Lucianne on one window and use another window to do something else for a few minutes. That little extra time seemed to allow Lucianne to fully load.
February 16 at 15:52 EST .

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   Bettijo  How do you recommend disposing of an old computer? Should I remove the hard drive and donate it somewhere? Then how do I dispose of the hard drive? Thanks.
January 23 at 02:18 EST .

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   Escaped commieny  Well, Betti, I use to just trade my old machine in to my guy that builds my new machine, figured he could use the parts, Now after so much research that I am sure the NSA has copied, I think I would take it to the back yard and abuse it with a sludge hammer and then maybe a fire. Don't forget hot dog or a marshmallow to legalize the fire, pfffftttt. The drones are every where, Jaw music Da Da dume
January 24 at 18:12 EST .

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   Phooey  The hard drive probably has personal information on it ! Format it or destroy it with a hammer.
February 15 at 12:58 EST .

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   Balogreene  Bettijo, I soak the hard drive in a bucket of water, then smash it with a hammer. Then, I just put it in the trash. The rest of the computer, I give to Goodwill. Goodwill teaches people to repair computers, and thus they earn a living.
February 24 at 21:30 EST .

  12 people like this.

   Bettijo  Thanks, you all. Yep, destroying information stored on hard drive was what was bothering me. Does reformatting it really destroy all data?
March 15 at 14:34 EST .

  5 people like this.

   Tulsa  The answer is no. Reformatting/erasing will not destroy all data.

We had a laptop and desktop erased by a knowledgeable tech who installed our new computers. We were told it is impossible to remove all data from computers in this day and age. We have physically removed the hard drives from each. Those will be folded, bent and stapled so to speak. The rest will be taken to the electronic recycle facility.
April 7 at 23:20 EST .

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   Dot66  When I worked for Boeing and had a security clearance, I was taught that to destroy a "classified" computer, we had to run a special "wipe" program on it five (5 ) times [one simple Format is not adequate], then smash the hard drive to bits with a sledgehammer. Only then is the data considered inaccessible. At home when I wanted to get rid of some old floppies [content unknown by that time since I didn't have anything that would read them], I put them in a large ZipLoc, filled the baggie with vinegar, zipped it up, and set it out in the Phoenix summer sun for a few days to let heat and acid do the work. I then disposed of the remains in various trash cans over the period of a couple of weeks of trash pickups. Felt pretty safe. When it's a hard drive, my GURU-son builds my new computers, and he disposes of my my old one. I've never asked him HOW, but since he's security conscious and knows the disposal method for classified computers, I'm confident that he does it wisely.
April 13 at 10:58 EST .

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   RedWhiteBlue  When I want to play a you tube...all I get is a green screen with audio but no picture. Anyone know about this?
January 17 at 00:03 EST .

   18 people like this.

   StormCnter  Make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Flash Player. Downloading and/or updating is free.

January 17 at 07:07 EST .

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   StormCnter  One more suggestion. On some of the answer sites, people have had the same problem as yours, and it shows up only on YouTube. Several has said that "popping out" the video works. Popping out is explained as "shrink the window it's already in and move that around the screen."
January 17 at 07:13 EST .

  20 people like this.

   RedWhiteBlue  Thank you for your help. I did try to download the adobe thing but I was asked too many questions that I don't know the answers to...I know, I have no tech savvy. So I tried that other thing with the window ''pop'' and it seemed to work. It's odd that this happened all of a sudden to my 'puter.

Thanks again.
January 17 at 18:25 EST .

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