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Coffee Klatch

   MeiDei  Happy Birthday to Linder - a basket full of all things sweet & satisfying for you today & beyond.
   July 27 at 04:11 EST .

   HopeandGlory  Many Happy Returns Linder . . . and wishing you many more.
July 27 at 19:17 EST .

   Gerty  Happy Birthday, Linder! A bit late but nonetheless heartfelt.
July 28 at 08:31 EST .

   Linder  Lovely cake! Thank you. Celebrated Mother's 102nd birthday on the 24th, brother Bill's 72nd on the 26th and my 71st on the 27th. Our youngest son will be 47 on the 31st. Busy month.
July 28 at 21:43 EST .

   Surfhut  I'm late to the party. Happy birthday!
Yesterday at 10:43 EST .

   Bettijo  My thoughts exactly!

As Senator James Lankford said on the Senate floor last week, “You can’t say in one moment that’s not a human and then sell it for the next moment as a human organ and say now suddenly it is. It was a human all the way through. There was never a time that wasn’t a child, never a time that wasn’t a human, and it seems the ultimate irony to me that we spend time talking about humane treatment of animals being put down… and we completely miss children being ripped apart in the womb and their body parts being sold.”
July 20 at 07:46 EST .

   3 people like this.

   Safetydude  It's time the wozzes in congress de-fund(stop giving them our tax money )Planned Parenthood.
July 21 at 21:32 EST .

   Surfhut  That would be my senator. He is a very, very good man.
Yesterday at 10:44 EST .

   Safetydude  Our taxes at work. We should be proud.
July 13 at 22:44 EST .

   17 people like this.

   Gram77  I saw something this morning that told me kindness is still alive. I was on a really busy roadway that is also is the route to Interstate 75. 6 lanes wide.......crossing this mess of traffic was a mother duck and following her was 10 (yep 10 ) little fuzzy babies in a perfectly straight line. They were on the center strip getting ready to step off into the street. I thought that would be their end but 3 busy rapidly moving lanes of cars all stopped and waited. Have to say, I had tears. God bless those drivers.
July 13 at 10:34 EST .

   18 people like this.

   Safetydude  Ours is still a country of good and caring people.
Thank you for your post.
July 13 at 20:30 EST .

  14 people like this.

   BirdsNest  When I see things like that I hold my breath because I want the animal to survive without killing a bunch of unsuspecting humans. That day it seems everyone was on top of their game, and allowed these ducks to get to the other side. Smiles for the good Samaritans.Smiles for the duck family.
July 14 at 07:06 EST .

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   MeiDei  We have "neighborhood" ducks, turkeys and Canada Geese that make these crossings from river to stream to pond - fortunately, so far, they do it during the quiet times of the day & our locals are well aware to their habits. Still, it's a cute sight to behold & always brings out the smiles of the stopped drivers.
July 14 at 14:42 EST .

  10 people like this.

   StormCnter  We have neighborhood ducks, too. One pair decided my swimming pool was a good place to spend the summer a couple of years ago. That was a problem. We also have neighborhood turtles and most of us stop our vehicles to carefully remove them from the street. The Texas saying about snapping turtles is they won't let go until it thunders. So, we are cautious.
July 17 at 09:15 EST .

  4 people like this.

   Surfhut  Love these stories. I've seen a flock of geese on the busy road I drive each morning. Also once saw a fawn who was scared and jumping all over the place before finally getting itself into the wooded area and safety. Both times, traffic came to a complete halt. We are a country of good, good people (mostly ).
July 19 at 07:50 EST .

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   Balogreene  I can't believe I posted a photo of me. This is in reply to MeiDei. I so want to eat corn on the cob. Can you believe with these beautiful, $3200 teeth, the dentist says I can't? He tells me they won't work right. I've had horrible false teeth for 12 years, in the beginning I could eat corn on the cob, even though the teeth "rocked".

This dentist did TWO impressions, 4 bite fittings, and now I have the final teeth. he'll fix as I need now. He recommended a powder adhesive, which works so well, I can hardly get the teeth out! I can't imagine not eating corn on the cob.

I just got the teeth yesterday. The dentist says I can only eat soft food for a couple of weeks, with the bad teeth I've forgotten how to chew, and how to talk, etc. Yesterday, I tried to eat soft food, and bit the heck out of my lower lip.

But, he thinks I need implants to hold the lowers in, then I can eat corn on the cob (an obsession of mine ).

   July 3 at 19:32 EST .

   17 people like this.

   MeiDei  Good luck, we just finished the last of the current corn crop today. If microwaving in the husk remember it's steamed & very HOT - use a good pot holder to remove & before cutting off the end.
July 7 at 18:10 EST .

  16 people like this.

   Safetydude  Happy Birthday, America.
July 2 at 19:27 EST .

   16 people like this.

   Balogreene  Thank you Mr. SafetyDude. I have seen some, not nearly enough.
July 3 at 19:38 EST .

  17 people like this.

   MeiDei  This just struck me as beautiful... do you agree?
   July 2 at 11:43 EST .

   12 people like this.

   Grahamcracker  So true. We just celebrated our 50th anniversary. Many times one or the other of us wanted to pack it all in, but love and good sense prevailed!
July 7 at 12:49 EST .

  15 people like this.

   MeiDei  Congratulations GC and many more!
July 11 at 10:13 EST .

  15 people like this.

   Grahamcracker  Thank you, Mei Dei.
July 13 at 21:39 EST .

  13 people like this.

   Bettijo  I have been saying for years that we should have to pass a short "government literacy" test before being allowed into the voting booth. This proves it.

Published on Jul 1, 2015
Media analyst Mark Dice asks beachgoers in San Diego, California some basic questions about America's 4th of July Independence Day celebration and their answers are quite disturbing.

July 2 at 07:43 EST .

   14 people like this.

   MeiDei  Agree with you Bettijo.
July 2 at 11:49 EST .

  16 people like this.

   Bettijo  15 discrepancies in the latest massacre story.

- See more at:

I was driving from Atlanta to Chicago, December 14, 2012, and listened to the news reports of the Sandy Hook shooting on my XM radio all day long. At the time, I thought something was strange. I still do.
June 27 at 07:42 EST .

   16 people like this.

   Gerty  Miss Bettijo, I need to comment on your great closing sentence at the end of your comment below.

"It does not cost anything to be considerate."

Good for you!! Aside from my parents and Grandmother, I was taught by a boat-load of religious teachers. Year after year the message was taught: You don't have to have a million dollars to act like you do! Of course, they were referring to the positive aspects of being brought up in a wealthy environment. I have a small list of things that don't cost money along with consideration.

Thank some one for any compliment given in the form of words or gifts. You don't even need the cost of a postage stamp today---use any form of e-mail.
You don't have to be the Queen of England to eat neatly.
Prince William's wife Kate, always appears 'fully dressed' and in good taste. It doesn't take a lot of money to cover up.
While not costing a penny, you will 'spend' some time with an elderly person...just making some small conversation and a good part to their day.
June 23 at 10:54 EST .

   17 people like this.

   Gerty  This appears on the Pet Peeves Wall. Not sure many would see it, so I double posted it.
June 23 at 10:55 EST .

  15 people like this.

   Gram77  You know Gerty, I had a good life while growing up in the 30s with my great grand parents and a bunch of relatives. We all lived on a large farm and all worked hard. All these people taught me to reach out to those who were hurting and hungry and to give whenever we could. It seems perfectly natural and normal to me even today to help, to say something nice, and to share. Doesn't cost a penny to be nice. Frankly, I think it's a great feeling.
June 23 at 15:41 EST .

  15 people like this.

   Balogreene  I had immigrant (Norway and Sweden ) great grandparents. Mom remembers, during the depression, one of the grandfathers worked for the WPA, the Salvation Army (was a preacher, not sure he got paid ), shipbuilding on the Great Lakes, and anything else he could do. His wife always told my mom (her granddaughter ), It doesn't cost much to stay clean, only a bar of soap, and you can make that yourself!
June 24 at 20:21 EST .

  12 people like this.

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