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Coffee Klatch

   Gerty  Hesitate to take Miss EC's entry off first on the wall, but I really need to know:

How can you tell if you are being overcharged at the Dentist? Evidently, it is unprofessional to post fees. For that matter, how do you know that you really need the work?

Sounds like I've been bitten by the paranoia bug, but, it's more likely my wallet has been bitten!!
19 hours ago .

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   Escaped commieny  Don't get me started ! I had a dentist for close to 15 yrs that gave me a 'workup' estimate for $23,000 to re do my 4 front teeth.
I went to my sister in laws dentist and the bill is 5,300 plus this guy found some cancer cells under DH's tongue, caught that in time. 'Course Sharon's DH had just retired and they bought a new boat, and I wasn't even invited for a trip !!!! I have wondered how many dupes paid for that boat.
17 hours ago .

   Gram77  There is not enough time or space to speak of my dental history, however, I was treated well and the cost for what needed to be done was in line compared to what I hear people paying in other areas here in florida. Basically: Root canals are approximately $1200.00. Where I live if you able to pay cash they knock off $150.00. Crowns are 8/900.00 and extractions are $300.00. I am in the Bradenton/Sarasota, FL area and charges remain the same, however, I have a friend in the Cleveland area that had 2 root canals done and paid nearly $4,000.00. These charges here can be questioned at the Board that takes complaints about all dentists in the areas. Hubby and I tell everyone we could travel about the world 10 times with the money that has been put into my mouth. If you really want to talk money, I inquired into implants. One tooth is 6,000.00, just a plain old bridge is 3,000.00 And unfortunately I am not aware of any good dental insurance.
12 hours ago .

   Escaped commieny  Our best friends granddaughter, Kailee the Marine
   Thursday at 18:17 EST .

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   Escaped commieny  Kailee’s husband Justin paid one last tribute to her (The Last Watch 1/2hr ) which may have been the hardest thing he could possibly do. . He stood by her thru thick and thin , in sickness and in death with such grace. We are so grateful to him.
Thank you for your prayers and support for our family.
" from May 15th post, from a tearful Auntie "
Thursday at 18:19 EST .

   Safetydude  A Hand Salute and Semper Fi to Justin.
Thursday at 20:32 EST .

   Balogreene  And a salute to Kailee. How horrible to lose one so young.
Thursday at 21:19 EST .

   Escaped commieny  I'm sorry, I guess I expected you to read minds ! The reason I reposted this was in response to Balo about the great grandkids, Kailee had a baby before she died making her mom a grandma and our best friends GreatGrans, My bad, I still see her mom as a little 7 year old so it's hard to wrap my brain around her being a grandma.
Yesterday at 16:13 EST .

   Balogreene  Can I brag? My Technical Manual for the Army went through a month of Demo, Validation, and Verification. My boss on this project said the Team who came in to judge us said it was the best TM they'd ever seen! I said, of course it was, I had a great teacher (in a different group in the Army ), and knew what I was doing, and I had a great team of Subject-Matter-Experts who taught me a ton of stuff, so I was able to write to the person who didn't know much. Just saying, looks good for the team.
March 24 at 20:15 EST .

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   Escaped commieny  YES you certainly may and CONGRATS
Thursday at 18:20 EST .

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   Balogreene  I will be 63 in May. A friend of mine from work, who is not 10 years older than me, became a great-grandmother yesterday. I can't help but feel she's too young. I know she's not. She was young when she had her daughter, who waited a little longer to have children.
But, the oldest granddaughter fell madly in love, and married right after college. She might be 25, but has been married a year and a half. It just seems impossible a friend of mine would have a GREAT-grandchild! Am I alone? By the way, they are all wonderful Christian humans, who follow God, as it is all to life!
March 23 at 20:20 EST .

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   Bettijo  I am 80 (81 in June ) and my oldest grandchildis 13. I doubt I will live to see a great grandchild. However, if I remember correctly, Elizabeth Taylor became a grandmother while in her 40s.
March 24 at 09:19 EST .

   Balogreene  Bettijo, my mom is 84 (85 in June ). One of four daughters had children, and she waited til she was over 30. They are now 23(twins ), 25, and 27. But, because of life-choices, none are going to have children for a while (barring accidents ). Mom's mom died at 95 with 8 great-grandchildren, and I think, 1 great-great! I met my great-grandmother's on mom's side, and have vague memories (one had a HUGE dining room table that was round, always wore an apron, and always had a roll of Tums in her pocket ), but they both died before I started school.
March 24 at 19:36 EST .

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   Escaped commieny  Our best friends are great grandparents and are the same age as you and I, It was two years ago, May 15th I posted on the Faith wall, they lost their Marine granddaughter Kailee but she had a baby before she died, so I just don't think age matters much.
Thursday at 18:00 EST .

   Balogreene  EC, age matters in funny ways. My grandmother and mother were both young when they had their babies, thus my grandmother was a young grandmother, and since some of her grandchildren had babies at a young age, she was a young great-grandmother.

Mom was 26 when she had my younger sister, who was 32 when she had her first, who is now 27, and in no way interested. My 59 year old sister is not very close to being a grandmother. But, mom was in her late 50's when she became a grandmother, daddy was 62.

I realize I could be a great, or great-great grandmother by now, if I'd had kids at 18 or so, as I thought I planned. But, it's when everyone waits longer and longer, that great-grandparents get older and older.

It seems so great to know generations of your family (my Aunt is still alive at 90-something, her son's children have children ). I am so glad the young ones know my Aunt Margaret, she is one of the finest people I've ever met (and makes the BEST ice tea and Fig Jam ). I was not very old when they died, and don't have many memories. My cousin's grandchildren are old enough to know Aunt Margaret.

Just a by-the-way, my dad's grandfather's were both in the Civil War. He never knew them, let alone us later generations.
Thursday at 21:32 EST .

   Gerty  And a Happy Birthday to Hikergal!
March 23 at 05:36 EST .

   2 people like this.

   Balogreene  Am I crazy, or have I not seen much of Hikergal lately?
March 23 at 20:14 EST .

 1 person like this.

   Gerty  I get to "see" her on facebook, Miss B.
March 24 at 15:42 EST .

 1 person like this.

   Balogreene  Writing a Technical Manual (TM ) for DoD is tough, they have a lot of rules, and little money. I've been working on one recently, one of my Subject Matter Experts (SMEs ) is the mother of a soldier who will use it. We have an above normal desire to make it perfect. Two weeks ago it went through a logistics demo to make sure it worked correctly using green suits (soldiers ) as guinea pigs. One week ago it went through Validation using green suits to make sure every step was correct. This last week it went through Verification, using green suits to make sure the other two weeks were correct, and it worked well with other referenced TM's, and to check the format of the text.

We passed with flying colors. There are some changes we have to make, they will judge them again. But, hopefully, my friend and coworker's son will have a manual that will make his job easier, and may save his life.

It is a long hard slog, 70 hour weeks. But, isn't it worth it to know a soldier will live? And in this case, know his mother won't lose a son?

And now, it is on to two more manuals, to make them right.
March 20 at 19:43 EST .

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   FL Homeschool Mom  Gerry and Jacob on the same team (different divisions! ).

Sorry I've been a stranger - we have baseball 4 nights a week, riding lessons and homeschooling so I don't get much free time. The kids are growing up so fast, especially Gerry. He just turned 12 in January and he's already 5' 7". He got his first home run last week. Abby has her trot down and is hoping to canter soon. Jacob is trying to keep up with Gerry - thinks he should be able to hit and throw like his big brother and gets frustrated when he can't.

   March 15 at 22:59 EST .

   9 people like this.

   BirdsNest  Wow, they sure have grown!
March 16 at 10:09 EST .

 1 person like this.

   Gram77  What a nice surprise! All sounds well with your and the children. I'll throw a prayer in the mix. Can't have too many.
March 16 at 17:56 EST .

  5 people like this.

   FL Homeschool Mom  Abby and her favorite boy, Tommy.
   March 15 at 22:49 EST .

   8 people like this.

   BirdsNest  Thanks for the update, your children are growing up so quickly, take the time to enjoy them. Share pictures with us now and again.
March 16 at 10:10 EST .

   Gram77  I think a connection with horses is wonderful. She sure is cute.
March 16 at 17:57 EST .

  2 people like this.

   Balogreene  Sunday April 26th behind home plate at a Tulsa Drillers game. So, the next Saturday (the 1st or so of May ), we will go to OKC to do the River Walk, and meet with Surf, and whatever other Okies are around. My personal email is:, for anyone able to meet us!
March 12 at 20:58 EST .

   8 people like this.

   Surfhut  Can hardly wait!
March 14 at 07:55 EST .

  2 people like this.

   Gerty  Wish I could be there. Take lots of pictures!!
March 15 at 10:10 EST .

   Balogreene  Surf, my sister just noticed I leave that Saturday at noon. Can we make it some evening after work?
March 16 at 11:23 EST .

 1 person like this.

   BirdsNest  A sweet article on Yahoo news yesterday about a young boy with autism who is about to celebrate a birthday(9th, I think ). he is non speaking and his father worries that there will be no celebration with friends because no one will come to a party so he turned to his FB page to ask if anyone would just simply send a card to his son, Hunter. So far they have 600 cards, hidden til the 17th, and 25 packages to bring out on the day. The father is blown away by the generosity of strangers. Today we will send out a card to this young boy. If anyone else would like to participate, Hunter loves Disney and Pixar characters.
Hunter Kleis
PO Box 6506
McKinney,TX 75071

Hope this is okay to post, I think LDotters are great folks and most of you would be happy to take a bit of time to make a family happy.
March 11 at 08:24 EST .

   12 people like this.

   Gerty  Thank you for posting, Miss Birdie!
March 11 at 19:14 EST .

 1 person like this.

   BirdsNest  Correction: his birthday is the 15th.

Our card to him goes out today.
March 12 at 09:03 EST .

  2 people like this.

   Jerseytomato  Going to mail a card today, and I forwarded this to other's, too.
March 15 at 06:49 EST .

  2 people like this.

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