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   BirdsNest posted on Health & Diet  Reishi mishrooms. And cancer. Anyone have firsthand experience with this?
22 hours ago .

   BirdsNest posted on Gardening & Landscaping  Marked off the asparagus bed with stakes and rope. Put a white marker beside each asparagus crown. I counted 50 crowns and 5 maybes. They will hopefully be more IF the weather settles down and stays warm. I planted 113 crowns four years ago. So I hope more pop up. I will be able to pick a few today.
My garden is ready for tilling. I looked at the projected forecast for next week....possibility of rain every day. Gigures. That will further delay the tilling if he cannot do it this weekend. Ugh.
22 hours ago .

   BirdsNest posted on Gardening & Landscaping  Great news. The asparagus we planted the year before Hagar went to the hospital, is FINALLY large enough to pick. I have been watching for it. I will cordon it off so the farmer doesn't bush hog or till the area. Hagar would be so pleased.
April 16 at 13:16 EST .

   StormCnter  What a nice way to greet your Spring, Bird. The asparagus will be rewarding.
Wednesday at 08:26 EST .

   BirdsNest posted on Recipes  A good recipe site
April 16 at 08:21 EST .

   BirdsNest posted on Dogs, Cats & Critters  Several months ago a gentleman asked if I had any chickens for sale. Told him yes. He was supposed to get my 5 Black Star hens. Well for whatever reason I never called him to pick up the birds. Saturday he told me a raccoon got his last chicken and they would use the coop for something else. I am SO glad I didn't sell him my girls. I would have been so upset.
April 16 at 08:20 EST .

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   BirdsNest posted on Recipes  You wanna talk about lazy?? I bought some packaged, prepared mashed potatoes and added milk til it was theconsistency I wanted, microwaved it and enjoyed potato soup. Pureed, but still delicious. And ever so easy.
March 28 at 08:31 EST .

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   BirdsNest  I forgot, I have fresh chives growing, I could have added them as a garnish. Next time.
March 28 at 08:34 EST .

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   StormCnter  I love potato soup in any form.
April 3 at 11:28 EST .

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   Linder  I make big pots of potato soup for weekends.....use a lot of diced onion with the diced potatoes....cook covered with water....and use most of that flavored water with the milk....thicken the water/milk mixture. My family and Grands groan with pleasure and I send containers of soup home with them. Have been adding home froxen corn for added flavor and to use up the corn. Potato soup is one of my favorite childhood memories.
April 4 at 18:34 EST .

   Linder  Guess I should add that butter, salt and pepper are very important ingredients. If I have celery, I use it. And, aren't microwave ovens wonderful for reheating leftover foods!!
April 4 at 18:45 EST .

   BirdsNest  Oooh....homemade potato soup. The best. Have you ever made Potato Leek soup? Also very yummy. I used to cook lots of good things when Hagar was alive. Not so much anymore. About half of what I cook gets fed to either the chickens or the outside cats. My taste buds sometimes fail me. I made 2 soups during the winter that were quite good even eating them several days in a row ...Taco Soup and Lasagna Soup.
April 5 at 06:47 EST .

   BirdsNest posted on Gardening & Landscaping  Between Nor'easters I have been struggling to reclaim my garden. It went au naturel. Weeds. Wild blackberry canes. Miserable. I have half of it cleared out. Today I worked 2 hours pulling dead weed stalks, raking dead grass, and cutting smsll trees by the fence area. Still have a lot to do. My goal was April 1, but the weather has held me up. It was sunny and warm but windy for the time I was outside. Once it is done I call my farmer. If he can't do it then I have someone else to call. The farmer doesn't charge me, he farms the small acreage in the back.
March 22 at 16:38 EST .

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   BirdsNest  Still have about 6 hrs worth of work to get the garden ready. No more work for the next couple days...appointments, rain, and flea market are in order. Looking good. I have 12 piles of garden debris to burn. Because of the burn law, cannot burn til after 4pm. Yesterday I was too tired to stand out there and tend to the piles and the day before the wind blew 25 mph. I will not burn if it is windy.
Just for those who are interested, tomatoes,peppers, and eggplant will grow perfectly well in containers. About 5 gal container is best. This was told to me from a respected tomato grower. He is know as nctomatoman and wrote the book "Epic Tomatoes". And a book about growing in straw bales. His name is Craig LeHoullier. He sent me some tomato seeds to try....dwarf. He is part of the Dwarf Tomato project. Dwarf tomatoes seems like a good idea. The plants are dwarf, not the fruit.
March 28 at 08:20 EST .

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   BirdsNest  My garden is almost ready. Almost. I took Tues. off from here and spent about 6 hrs at a friends house raking her garden area. She works as an EMT and on 24 hr shifts. Her garden is much smaller than mine and she tills hers every year. I had an audience of chickens. She lets hers free range and they were very interested in what I was doing. I filled her burn pit with garden debris then made 3 piles that I soon realized I would have to burn or the chickens were going to scratch in them and spread that all over. So I burned them and when I got home I was beat. Slept well. Kept catching cramps in leg muscles. Yesterday I was very low on energy. So I did nothing that caused any exertion. My little patch of garden must wait. I am tired.
April 5 at 06:56 EST .

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   BirdsNest  About 16' left to rake. I fell last week and hurt my ribs, again. This time my tiny ballerina feet got tangled in some mesh fabric. I was carrying a chicken...I tossed her before I hit the dirt. The previous time it was slick soled shoes in the melting snow. I have been doing what I can and waiting for the ribs to be better. The farmer waits for my text.
April 16 at 13:13 EST .

   StormCnter  Bird, stop with the pretty footwear when you garden. I wear rain boots. They keep my pants legs from getting damp from wet grass, they don't slip on a wet surface and they're super easy to clean up. But, I'll bet you knew this already.
Wednesday at 08:24 EST .

   BirdsNest  Yeah, I know that. I just prefer shoes that are easy on/ easy off. Today I am wearing boots. Finished raking. I am tidying up the fenceline. Lots of wild black raspberries. I have potted up 11 to sell at a later date. I want to get the garden side of that fence cleaned of thorny bushes so the tractor won't get into the stickers. So much to do.
Wednesday at 12:16 EST .

   BirdsNest posted on Health & Diet  Vermont Village sipping vinegars. I found them in WalMart. You can add it to water and drinkit. I just put sime in a spoon and drink it. Or add to olive oil for saladdessing. Made with "Mother". Raw and Organic. Blueberries & Honey, Cranberries & Honey, Ginger &Honey. And I think Turmeric & Honey. Good for gut health.
March 9 at 11:14 EST .

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   BirdsNest posted on Recipes  Does anyone have a good recipe for veggie burgers? I have one using chickpeas,but am worried the burgers will fall apart during frying.
January 29 at 07:06 EST .

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   MeiDei  If your recipe doesn't call for flour and/or a beaten egg add some and test a small dollop in hot oil. If included in recipe increase the amount a little bit. If it seems the batter is too heavy add a touch of oil and a tbs of baking powder, in that order, let sit for several minutes to allow the baking soda do it's thing - good luck.
February 10 at 16:47 EST .

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   BirdsNest posted on Recipes  I made a delicious pot of chicken noodle soup. First time it has ever been good. Full of noodles. I used a.tsp.of ground tumeric for colour and it' s good for you.
January 1 at 19:43 EST .

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   Jerico  Did you make your stock?
January 14 at 00:35 EST .

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   BirdsNest  Yes. I cooked bone in, skin on chicken breasts. To me chicken with no bone or skin is tasteless.
January 29 at 07:02 EST .

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