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&Tech Issues

   StormCnter  I developed a problem that has involved this entire morning to solve. I use several browsers. I discovered that Firefox, which used Google as the home page, had been hijacked by something called My Quick Converter. Internet research showed it is malware. Who knows how I got it. I am a very careful web surfer. Anyway, I was able to remove it by running three different spyware/malware programs and then rebooting the computer. Watch out for this unwelcome visitor.
Wednesday at 13:32 EST .

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   StormCnter  Research about My Quick Converter says it has to be rooted out in several places or it will reinstall. I believe I have done that.
Wednesday at 15:55 EST .

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   Dcbroome  I reluctantly upgraded my mac from Yosemite to High Sierra. I now cannot figure out a way to clean up my Lucianne page. Any recommendations from fellow mac users? I have set it to block popups, etc. I have installed some 3rd party extensions as well. (With Yosemite, I could go to "preferences" and set it to "block" when I went to Lucianne )
June 6 at 16:50 EST .

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   John C  Cleared history, No pop-ups yet.
Thank you
May 26 at 12:10 EST .

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   Tulsa  I am so tickled you said something. Thank you for letting me know what worked.

You can set your Mac to delete all browsing history, cookies, internet files, etc when you leave the web. I don't know Mac settings, but I bet you do.
May 26 at 17:24 EST .

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   John C  John C i am using older Mac (2009 ) with a 20 Inch screen Ver. 10.11.6 . Have put in an additional memory chip in it
*reads 2.66 GHZ duo core. Memory is 8 GB* It is still slow. I am also being annoying pop up ad
for "MacKeeper". When I log on I get the pop up ad. Other then buying the offered software or
a new computer, is there anything I can do?
May 23 at 09:35 EST .

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   Tulsa  I hope a Mac user can help you. ITMT, do a websearch for "how to block popups on a Mac' And select a link that shows the browser you are using.

You could try deleting web history (internet files, history, cookies ) The popup is likely embedded in your Mac and is triggered when you come to Lucianne. You could also download AdblockPlus for Macs. no longer blocks all ads, but it does help.

If all else fails, call a tech.
May 23 at 10:05 EST .

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   Tulsa  How to find site permissions:

Click the (i ) up top in the address bar. click the arrow > beside site not secure. On the next screen at the very bottom click 'more information' which takes you to site permissions.
May 6 at 13:24 EST .

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   Tulsa  In Brave, the print feature is now working. I noted there had been many comments concerning this on the Brave forum. I've had several updates recently (relaunches ) and apparently print has been repaired. I clicked the 'hamburger', upper right and clicked print there. Then to test, I typed 'page 1' and printed the home page of Lucianne. Success! I do hope it works for others.
April 18 at 08:05 EST .

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   StormCnter  Thank you, Tulsa. I had stopped using Brave because of the print problem, but I'll go back and check it out. I appreciate you.
April 18 at 08:18 EST .

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   StormCnter  I have finally successfully installed Brave and am using it occasionally. I do find it is faster as Tulsa told us. My problem, however, is that nothing will print from Brave. My research on the various Help pages tells me everyone is having this problem and it was apparently caused by a recent update. Previously, I had no problem printing from Brave.
March 29 at 05:33 EST .

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   Tulsa  If I plan to print, I use FF. I use FF for all financial sites. Also IBM Rapport was added for more security. FF installed that automatically. I don't know if I have even tried to print in Brave.

I have found my version of Brave looks nothing like the newer versions. There is print on a web page. Print under File and print under the 3 vertical dashes upper right.

Let me experiment and if I'm successful, I'll get back to you.
March 29 at 09:41 EST .

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   Tulsa  No success printing in Brave or a solution after reading on line for over an hour.

I lost the Edge browser that came with Win 10 last weekend and our tech spent several hours via remote attempting to restore it. This was a common problem when Win 10 was first issued. I've used it for a year +/- with no problems. It is now gone.

Will let you know if I find a print solution in Brave.
March 29 at 10:57 EST .

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   StormCnter  Thanks, Tulsa. I also have all the various Print buttons in Brave, but Brave apparently cannot talk to my printers, either of them. So, I just try to remember to us another browser if I may be printing.
March 29 at 16:38 EST .

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   Kono  Crawling into walking in the Brave new world.

Does any Brave user here know how to make save-page actually SAVE the page, as in downloading the images and other items that make the saved page viewable offline? (This is the default way of saving pages on firefox. ) Not every page I consider a keeper will remain forever on the site where I found it, either; and I want to be able to see the page after its site of origin decides to move, delete, or modify their version.

I can't find a setting or option that appears to do this. And searching through their help for about an hour turned up nothing that even mentions the issue.
March 16 at 13:31 EST .

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   StormCnter  Kono, there are two methods. You can click on File (at the upper left of your Brave page ), choose Save As. The second method which works anywhere, not only on Brave is to right click your mouse and then choose Save As. With each method, you only have to decide where you want the saved item to go.
March 29 at 05:32 EST .

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   Bettijo  Can anyone tell me how to block an incoming phone number. I get a call from this number several times a day. When I answer, no one is there. The line is dead; after a few seconds I get a dial tone. The calling number is local. Thanks.
March 9 at 10:56 EST .

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   Tulsa  We have a landline and our carrier is att. The block calls code for att is: *61#

You must wait approx 30 to 45 seconds after the caller has hung up.

If you do not have att, call your carrier and ask how to block the offending number or if they can block it for you.

It's possible you are receiving a robo call and when no one is available at the call center, the call is terminated.

Go on the web and download NoMoRobo. All the carriers that support it are listed. No fee for landlines. Small fee for cell phones. It's a simple process to enroll. Once enrolled robo calls will ring once and be terminated. After a while the robo calls stop, as telem. share info.

We occasionally receive a telemarketer call that goes to the ans. machine. After looking up that number on the web, I block it. att allows 100 blocked numbers.

I hope this help. Best wishes, Bettijo.
March 10 at 08:57 EST .

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   Mildred  Hi Bettijo. Just saw your note. I get so many phone calls that my landline uses all the blocked calls in a few weeks and doesn't allow NoMoRobo. After 15 calls in 6 hours, I finally bought a call blocker for my phone. This one is easy to install and blocks 1200 phone calls. I have a T-Lock call blocker that I bought on Amazon for about $40. Sounds expensive but silence is great.
March 13 at 12:42 EST .

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Comment from the Brave Community:Thanks for the feedback, @PlyFlower!
We did have a severe bug in our last release which could affect performance. A new patch was just released about 10 minutes ago which fixes this issue in particular
I see these problems and cannot believe we are discussing the same browser.
February 27 at 14:02 EST .

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