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The Road

   GO3  The counter-intuitive pollution factor of the week: small engines actually pollute more than large engines under load conditions.

In this article,
automakers have found that super small engines - in the 1.0 to 1.4 range are bigger polluters than larger engines under realistic operating conditions. The key finding is:

"The current testing regime gives the tiny motors a thumbs-up, but only because the tests run the engines at moderate temperatures and light loads. Make them work, and emissions soar. Larger displacements give automakers a chance of passing a real-world test." And, "Ford’s much-touted 1.0-liter EcoBoost three-cylinder, found in the Fiesta and Focus, earns low marks in real-world emissions testing..."

Personally, I have never owned anything smaller than a 2 liter mainly for power and responsiveness. Along with the ethanol nonsense, this is another case of government quackery to put more people in high risk econoboxes in order to save the environment.
October 18 at 04:11 EST .

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   StormCnter  I think a Wall named The Road covers Harleys, right? This ad from the Scottsdale, AZ, Harley dealer made me smile.

September 4 at 05:52 EST .

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   GO3  Inspector General Confirms EPA Broke Law, Failed to Study Environmental Impact of Ethanol

Well, well, well. It seems Obama's EPA has not complied with the law to periodically report on the environmental effects of increased ethanol production for blended fuels. The full article can be read here

One shouldn't be overly concerned about how a farmer uses his land, but the goons at the EPA reveal their hypocrisy when they whine and complain about every other little thing that happens to someone's property. The key quote:

"The AP reported that with corn effectively subsidized, farmers put millions of acres of land formerly devoted to conservation into corn production, destroying animal habitats and polluting water supplies."

The EPA's excuse for not complying with reporting requirements is that it ran out of (our ) money. That, and other than ethanol is bad for your engine and fuel system, everything is just peachy.
August 23 at 22:52 EST .

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   MeiDei  Adding to the above:
September 14 at 09:27 EST .

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   GO3  This article is a keeper. Here is another helpful site to find ethanol free gas stations in your area:

If you cannot find an ethanol free gas station in your area do yourself and your car a favor and look into fuel additives which help mitigate the effects of ethanol on your engine. There are several brand names, but read the label before buying. If it contains alcohol, it defeats the purpose. Alcohols attract water which causes fuel to start gumming up the works. I use a product called Startron which helps reduce deposits due to ethanol and by my seat of the pants calculation gives me a little more horsepower. Just my thoughts.
September 18 at 01:01 EST .

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   MeiDei  When the license plate is prophetic:
   July 29 at 07:56 EST .

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   GO3  I had a hard time deciding to put this here about cars or in the pet peeves section, but the root issue is about cars so here it goes. Here
is a great article about car infotainment systems. That infotainment systems suck is the basic premise, I've always thought a car should be about transportation and fun. Granted, I'm older and grew up with an AM radio, then FM and AM, then cassette, etc. But my beef is with having a TV screen in the car and able to get email while I'm driving. Jeez, I looked forward to the drive to/from work to get away from all of that. I know others may not have the driving enthusiasm I do about driving, but what possesses someone to be constantly distracted by all of the electronic bells and whistles? I maintain if one needs to be constantly in touch on a drive then he's a traveling salesman or some such. If not, then maybe he needs to spend more time at work.

The other thing is electronics are relatively cheap. Outside of the very necessary and excellent power train control modules and transmission control module, infotainment is emphasized as a big selling point and the carmakers rake in big bucks for these systems. (not to mention revenue for costly repairs. E.g., tearing apart your dash to repair an in-dash GPS when a cheap standalone or cell phone GPS would do nicely. I have noticed BMW, a huge over the top infotainment carmaker BTW, has shifted its ad campaign to focus on performance rather than the gee whiz stuff. Maybe some out there are getting it.
   July 23 at 12:01 EST .

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   MeiDei  All I look for in a car is reliability, a good a/c & heater, decent radio, good mileage, comfortable seats & quiet ride, not necessarily in that order. Thank you for the above info.
July 29 at 08:01 EST .

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   GO3  Ironically, I was watching a rerun of Top Gear (UK ) and Jeremy Clarkson was test driving a new Jag and roundly slammed the infotainment system. The simple act of changing the volume on the radio turned into a challenge if the car went over the slightest bump. His finger repeatedly ended up on the next icon down which changed the exhaust from sport mode to quiet mode. Why people want complex over simplicity is beyond me.
July 29 at 23:16 EST .

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   Safetydude  Seeeee, I told you so...
March 31 at 20:29 EST .

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   Safetydude  Seeeee...I told you so: 2.0
July 27 at 10:14 EST .

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   Grahamcracker  Update on the post below: A lady I know from church suggested a car with power seats. I tried her suggestion and am now the owner of a 2016 Hyundai Elantra. I has power seats & I can see over the hood! After not buying a car for 14 years, I'm blown away by all the bells & whistles a new car has. It's quite a sporty little number for an old broad like me, but what the only live once!
January 9 at 22:41 EST .

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   Balogreene  We got a Hyundai Elantra wagon in about 2001. I loved it, I could see over the hood! I didn't have to sit too close to the wheel. Since it was paid off, I got my Mazda Miata convertible. But, the Elantra was hit, and totaled by a drunk driver, while parked. We now own a Kia Soul (easy for mom to get in and out of ).The Elantra is probably going to be my retirement car.

My sister the liberal couldn't believe so many people in our family drove Hyundai's and Kia's. When it was time for her to get a new car, she went to KBB, Consumer reports, and others. She bought an Elantra because it was the best rated. She loves it!
February 19 at 23:41 EST .

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   Grahamcracker  I'm looking for a new car. My Hyundai Elantra is almost 14 yrs.old. It's been a great car, and would like to buy another. Husband brought one home for me to test drive today. Great little car BUT I can't see over the sloping hood nor can I see the front fenders. I'm only 5' tall, so that could be part of the problem. The salesman told my husband all new cars are made that way because they found it cuts down on rear-end accidents. Oh really? All I can imagine is I'll be parking by ear when I pull in between 2 cars. My daughter is taller than I, has a newer car & she has the same problem. My son said he can't see the front of his new truck. what is wrong with this picture?
December 11 at 23:11 EST .

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   Ole buzzard  .
   November 30 at 20:47 EST .

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   Iacta alea est  Hysterical Buzz....and BTW I hope Mrs. Buzz -aka Yotty- knows she's missed around here...pass a smile to her from me.
December 5 at 10:43 EST .

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   Safetydude  Oh well, looks like the dream is has been disturbed by reality.
Question: If you went out and spent 130K on a car and somebody asked you how you liked it would you answer "it stinks" or would you say "it's the greatest car in the world 'tho I can only drive it about 265 miles but then thats is all I need to get from NYC to DC".
October 20 at 23:18 EST .

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   Iacta alea est  read Lee Iacocca's biography, he has some interesting things to say about an owner's reluctance to admit he bought a dud.
October 24 at 23:27 EST .

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   Safetydude  That's why you'll never hear me say anything negative about Miss Tina.
October 26 at 13:05 EST .

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