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   StormCnter posted on Movies & Reviews  1955: An ex-pilot and current baseballer is recalled into the U.S. Air Force and assumes an increasingly important role in Cold War deterrence.

Hint: It stars one of Rich's unfavorites.
2 minutes ago .

   StormCnter posted on Movies & Reviews  This scene is always on any "Cheesiest movie scenes" list, but even if I don't care for either Richard Gere or Debra Winger, I love this improbable ending to a pretty good movie.

3 minutes ago .

   StormCnter posted on Movies & Reviews  2008 film. Title? Actor?
   16 hours ago .

   Tulsa  Looks like Sean Penn with a perm. Nothing more. Never seen a single thing he has done.
15 hours ago .

   Richdet  Title is "Milk," for which Sean Penn won the Oscar for best actor playing San Francisco politician Harvey Milk.
10 hours ago .

   MeiDei  I've never seen him smile - now that's acting!
10 hours ago .

   StormCnter  I avoided this movie, but I know Penn is capable of doing good work. I am a little suspicious of his Oscar for this one, though, because the Academy is always on the PC side.

Rich and Tulsa win their own leis. Sean's has wilted by now.
10 minutes ago .

   StormCnter posted on Movies & Reviews  Who is Anton Chigurh?
16 hours ago .

   StormCnter posted on Movies & Reviews  Who was the mysterious masked Man in Black who pursued Buttercup (Robin Wright ) and her captors in The Princess Bride (1987 )?

Inigo Montoya
Prince Humperdinck
16 hours ago .

   StormCnter posted on Suggested Reading  I just finished Joe Ide's "I.Q." and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Joe Ide wrote a sequel, "Righteous". I read the sequel first and then just had to go back and get "I.Q.". These books are a little different. They're about grimy gang turfs in Los Angeles and a brilliant youngster whose livelihood is solving small mysteries for free for people he likes while trying to make enough money to provide care for a kid whose injuries he feels he caused. I really enjoyed these books. I recommend both of them. But try to read "I.Q." first. According to Goodreads, there is a third book, too. I'm ordering it right now.
16 hours ago .

   Gram77  This book is on my mile long list. At this time I am about half way through Only Killers and Thieves. I was so deep into The Great Alone I had to work with getting started. The book is accurate to the time it is being told. It is a "hard" story and is told "hard". The vocabulary and slang is accurate and give the story life. It seems you and I read a bit alike and are willing to tackle most anything. I will be really interested in hearing your opinion once you tackle and complete the journey across Australia.
13 hours ago .

   StormCnter  Only Killers and Thieves is on my next book order, Gram. That'll be in a week or so.
13 minutes ago .

   StormCnter posted on Movies & Reviews  Name that movie:
1. Big wind, cute dog, pig-tailed girl.
2. Cryptic deathbed word, mogul's rise to power and then a collapse.
3. Aging star needs career boost but it all leads to madness, violence and death.
4. After witnessing a crime, the undercover disguises give a wrong impression to Lotharios.
5. They dreamed of Empire, it worked for a while, but the head of a "king" proved the folly.
19 hours ago .

   Calvinesq  2. Citizen Kane
18 hours ago .

   Richdet  3. Sunset Boulevard
4. Some Like It Hot

5 might be "The Man Who Would Be King" (Sean Connery, Michael Caine )
18 hours ago .

   Richdet  I am pretty sure I know the solution to #1, but the title is Toto-ally escaping me.
18 hours ago .

   Gram77  Is #1 The Wizard of Oz? Maybe #3 might be Sunset Boulevard.
18 hours ago .

   StormCnter  Gee, y'all are fast. I'll have to work on some new ones. Everyone is correct. Good morning Rich and Calvin. I've already greeted Gram.
17 hours ago .

   StormCnter posted on Movies & Reviews  Opening in theaters this weekend. "Unsane".

21 hours ago .

   StormCnter posted on Movies & Reviews  From way back, do you recognize this gentleman?
   22 hours ago .

   Gram77  If this doesn't give away my age, nothing will......I think he is Misha Auer. If not boy is my face red.
21 hours ago .

   StormCnter  No red face for you this morning, Gram. He is Mischa Auer.
21 hours ago .

   StormCnter posted on Movies & Reviews  1965 movie quote: "I could never answer to a whistle. Whistles are for dogs and cats and other animals, but not for children, and definitely not for me. It would be too humiliating."
23 hours ago .

   HopeandGlory  I believe this is Julie Andrews in "The Sound of Music".
23 hours ago .

 1 person like this.

   StormCnter  Good morning, Hope. You are exactly right.
22 hours ago .

   Richdet  Blegh. Poor Julie, no fun at all. I much prefer Lauren Bacall's approach to this issue. I think she has the better handle on it:
18 hours ago .

 1 person like this.

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