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Gardening &

   Gerty  Just heard from a friend who noticed some interest in garden rocks on this wall some time ago. He was nice enough to volunteer the following information for those of you who may still be interested.

"There is an interesting type of rock called "Feather-stone", which looks quite natural, but
only weighs ounces compared to real stone. It can be mortared if you wish walls, but is
mostly used as accent pieces in flower beds. It is often used in conjunction with "lava rock"
to offer more than one texture. Lava rock is not so easily used, as it is quite sharp.

Just thought some of the bloggers might like to know about this."
4 hours ago .

   BirdsNest  Ordered some mini cucumbers and kaleidoscope carrots. These are items that are supposed to be "hot" in farmers markets this year. We shall see, this market here is tough, lots of people don't like things like beets,squash,and anything different. Hoping for a good garden this year, hoping even more that Hagar can participate more this year-he enjoys it so much. Health reasons last year kept him out of the garden once the ground was broken and ready to plant. Thanks to the black plastic mulch, there was little he could do anyway, the garden took care of itself with just minor watering from me and fertilizing(manure tea ). And of course harvesting. Some days it was at 3 am, the day before sale day at the tracks, providing the freshest possible veggies. String beans were always picked on Friday afternoon late for sale on Saturday-I have not yet perfected picking beans by flashlight. Hagar is threatening to put stadium lights on the perimeter so I can work at night! Not a bad idea really....I just want this winter to be over so we can get started. I have shoveled all the snow I want to shovel for this year. It is nowhere near the amount of snow many of you have had to deal with, but still-this is supposed to be the South!

Sure would love to hear from some of you of your garden plans this year.
18 hours ago .

   Surfhut  Love reading your posts, Bird. I'm pretty adventurous, especially when food is involved, and would love to see something like kaleidoscope carrots at a local farmers market. You probably have to make an educated guess about what you can grow and successfully promote at your local market. If a local grower sold those carrots here in OKC, I'd be a buyer!

My garden plans: I managed to grow a lot of veggies in the roughly 3x2 neglected space adjacent to the patio of my apartment last year. I'm moving into a house with a yard and hope to be relocated by Spring planting time. Most of what I want to plant will have to be from established seedlings. Hope to have bumper crops of several tomato varieties, English cukes, zucchini, yellow squash, green beans, tons of herbs, and OKRA! I will need to figure out what I can do in terms of root veggies like beets and carrots.

If my new digs has a mature, healthy pecan tree ... sweet!
14 hours ago .

   BirdsNest  If you look at the list on the left, the walls list, you will see "Faith" comes before "Gardening". It takes a lot of Faith to manage a garden and all of its ups and downs and just plain hard work. I always feel closer to God and all of my loved ones who have passed, especially those who loved to dig in the dirt. Many times I will be just plain overwhelmed with the task I am involved in and sometimes not very happy about it, but soon enough the calm sets in and I am "good" again. I am anxious for the temperatures to start warming for real so I can get back out there and get things ready. Pretty soon we will be starting our seedlings, that is another job! Lots and lots of tiny seedlings everywhere! Hagar keeps telling me we should buy more of this seed and get some of that seed because these items will be "hot" at farmers markets. I cannot wait to see our little old ladies again, the ones with not so much money to spend(they always get extra from us because we love them, even the one who scolded me about the string beans! ).
February 24 at 07:34 EST .

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   Jerseytomato  BirdsNest, your post is beautiful. I named my garden, 'Mamma's Garden,' because after my mother passed, that garden helped to heal my broken heart. Day after day, the hard work helped me to sleep at night. In the garden, you can sing, pray, watch butterflies and birds, forgive those who need to be forgiven, and appreciate a gentle breeze. God does work in mysterious ways.
Thursday at 18:42 EST .

   Jerseytomato  My garden is asleep, covered in snow and ice. Never the less, I come to read BirdsNest posts for inspiration. Gertys, too. Surely, BirdsNest has the greenest thumb of us all.

I don't see Rake King. Is he on vacation?
February 18 at 07:58 EST .

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   BirdsNest  I think I merely have the desire for a green thumb. I have a rough time with houseplants, keeping them alive. We have lots inside this time and I keep my fingers crossed and hold my breath that they don't croak before warmer weather arrives. Garden plants are not always easy but I pray for guidance and hope that my dear departed father and grandparents watch me from above. Hagar helps keep me on the right path, he says my gardening is "shotgun gardening", I plant things all over. I merely tell him the plants tell me where they want to be. He doesn't buy it!!

As for RK, it seems he left the forum, I do not know the whys or any of that, he is missed. Wrightwinger left because many of his posts kept disappearing and he got frustrated I think. Lots fewer of us it seems, maybe lots lurking but it sure would be nice for some to participate.
February 18 at 09:09 EST .

 1 person like this.

   Jerseytomato  BirdsNest, your garden posts are always a joy. Perhaps our fellow L-Dotter's are over on the main page. With the daily twists and turns, it's almost become a full time job just to keep up with everything that's going on. I miss our Rake King, and Wrightwinger, too. I pray they are in good health, and return soon.
February 20 at 08:35 EST .

  2 people like this.

   Gerty  I'm still here, ladies! Even though I am hardly an inspiration for gardens these days. I miss my 50' x 50' plot at the Farmhouse---it was the talk of a County Rd. in Chenango county, NY. Not so much that it was a show piece--rather that it was accomplished my me (not from rural NY ).

Miss Birdie--plants like to be in a certain spot, you're right. I am happy to have a southern exposed window and the house plants love it! Gifts of potted orchids have been know to re-bloom 2 and 3 times. What a beautiful surprise when they do that.
February 21 at 18:53 EST .

   BirdsNest  That's what I tell Hagar...and when volunteer plants come up I like to keep them, as a message from God that he wants me to have them. It makes Hagar crazy to have the backyard scattered with cherry tomato plants growing all over. I just keep remembering the year we had no other tomatoes, thanks to the crop duster plane that killed our beautiful tomatoes. Those cherry tomatoes got us through. Plus a dear old man that brought us 30 pounds of tomatoes at a time. He passed away a few weeks ago. I went to see him at the nursing home, the employees caught me before I got to his room, he has died that morning. I was stunned. I miss the old guy, he was ever so sweet to us. He is the reason we started making pepper relish to sell. He couldn't find any locally made and asked if I would make him some. So really we have him to thank for many things. Sorry for the drift.
February 22 at 09:02 EST .

  2 people like this.

   Gerty  I know you don't like being made a 'fuss' over, Miss Birdie, so take the following as an observation---not just a compliment.
I takes a special kind of person to appreciate the connection between God and all living things--plants included! And I don't know many people who would take the time to go visit an elderly man in a nursing home (apparently not a relative ) because he showed kindness to you during his life.
You are blessed.
February 24 at 04:28 EST .

   Gerty  That would be, "...It takes a special kind..."
February 24 at 04:30 EST .

 1 person like this.

   BirdsNest  Thank you Gerty. He was not a relative but I really took to him. He was kind to many people but I fear most of those people did not appreciate him. He had lots of money at one time, but it seems that he spent most of it on those who were supposed to be taking care of him. I will always remember his beautiful smile and the gorgeous head of pure white hair. I will miss the heck out of him for so many reasons, mostly because he made me smile. And he was generous to us when we had no tomatoes.
February 24 at 07:39 EST .

   BirdsNest  These cold temperatures have put a work stoppage on my garden. I have been tidying it up, pulling stakes and dead plants and composting much of the result. This year we plan to try a few raised beds using this idea...,.
Ours will not be mounded like the photo, we plan to dig the depth of a shovel down, remove the soil, add the decaying wood and then when that is at ground level, we will add the soil above to a depth of about 6-8". At least that's the plan. Wood frame around the area. I am hoping it works well. These will go in the back of the garden where the soil is always dry. Nothing will grow well there even when we use soaker hoses.

With the snow predicted for the next day, plans and visions of garden goodness will be put on hold for snow shoveling and pushing paths to the animals and an escape route to town. Maybe if we had a greenhouse...
February 16 at 08:45 EST .

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   MeiDei  Fascinating articles, videos & comments, scanned through 1/2 dozen. Thanks for posting.
February 16 at 20:35 EST .

  2 people like this.

   MeiDei  Got rocks in your garden? Meet Michael Grab - an artist born in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and presently based in Boulder, Colorado, USA who creates rock balancing art professionally since 2008. Enjoy.
January 31 at 16:03 EST .

   9 people like this.

   BirdsNest  How I wish we did have rocks, I would put them to good use!
February 1 at 07:55 EST .

  6 people like this.

   Flaming Sword  If I had rocks I'd just use them on Michael McCaul .That disgusting RINO has an office waaay too close to me for comfort.
February 7 at 13:31 EST .

  5 people like this.

   Escaped commieny  In Upstate NY we had a fresh crop of rocks every spring,my sister and I are professional rock pickers, before Dad could mow the yard. In Florida, we had to purchase rocks for the front garden trim, I think we could retire when we go north and get a trailer full of rocks!
February 9 at 05:08 EST .

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   BirdsNest  When we start looking for certain veg seeds, once we get started it takes about 2 hours before we have had enough and decide on where to buy the seed. This year we have been specifically searching for items like hull less pumpkins, mini cukes, citron, watermelon with thick rind, Jerusalem artichokes, Carolina Allspice shrub, among other things.

Anyone going to order from Park Seed or Burpee??? I already ordered from Burpee, but they have a seed I am searching for but I don't want to pay the high shipping cost for just one pack of seed. If I needed 10 or more I would order easily. Same with Park. Tumbling Tom is what I am looking for(Red ). It is a gorgeous cherry tomato that is easily grown in hanging pots or containers. Hanging pots are best because they are indeterminate plants. Our friend R pots them in hanging baskets and sells the heck out of them. The vines are always covered in cherry tomatoes, and I do mean covered!! Red tomatoes sell better here than yellow.

If someone is going to order from either of those places I would appreciate it if they would add this one pack of seed and I will pay for the pack plus shipping to my post office box. One pack easily ships in an envelope with regular postage, the seed companies charge much more than that for one. Thanks.
January 26 at 08:08 EST .

   8 people like this.

   Clipped wings  Thanks for your comments Birdie. I never thought of cherry tomatoes in a hanging basket! A problem with knees keeps me from gardening but this might just work for us.
January 31 at 12:17 EST .

  9 people like this.

   BirdsNest  I know how prolific the Tumbling Tom variety is. Our friend R sells baskets of them whenever he has them and they are usually filled with tomatoes in all stages of ripeness. There are also several varieties of container tomatoes, determinate, that can be raised. We got one from him called Red Robin, it was an absolute rock star for production. We picked up several different seeds to try this year for container gardening, some plants we will sell locally others we will try growing ourselves. Hagar is worried where we will find places to plant all of the vegs we are considering this year. Just give me the soil and a container and I will make a place for it!!
February 1 at 08:00 EST .

  4 people like this.

   MeiDei  It may be a week or more before I can get to the store that sells Burpee seeds, I will look for Tumbling Tom & Red Robin and will let you know if successful.
February 1 at 19:48 EST .

  12 people like this.

   BirdsNest  Up til 2am searching various sites for seeds. Found a couple of interesting seed varieties.....I am gonna need a bigger garden. Maybe I will have to "take back" the 2 acres we let a farmer have for growing crops. I know that's insane especially since I cannot use the tiller and we don't have a tractor. If we DID have a tractor, Hagar would live on it and every piece of dirt would be tilled.
January 22 at 08:29 EST .

   8 people like this.

   Linder  I can't imagine the hours of hard work you two put into your garden. Did you come from gardening families?
January 22 at 13:40 EST .

  10 people like this.

   Balogreene  Oh Bird, can you container garden them until you decide if they are right for you?
January 22 at 20:00 EST .

  8 people like this.

   BirdsNest  My Italian grandmother was blessed with a green thumb. The entire time she lived with us she was busy planting, tending and sharing plants with anyone who wanted them. Her son, my father came to love gardening late in life and he was amazing with crops like tomatoes and peppers. He wore a green Speedo while he gardened, much to the embarrassment of all of his children. On my mothers side,both grandparents were avid gardeners. Their garden fed a lot of people, Grandmother did a lot of canning and freezing. My siblings and I were tasked with gathering any wild berries or crees greens to take to Grandmother for preserving. She loved us dearly because we embraced the gathering part of the job. We lived 30 miles away, but once we had gobs of berries or cress greens, we would pack them in the car and off we would go to Grandmothers house.
So yes, I DO come from gardening families.
Hagar comes from Farming families and Watermen. He also comes from hearty stock, not afraid of a bit of work.

There will be a lot of new things growing here this year, God willing. I am sure I will bore you all to tears with it. You have been warned!
January 23 at 08:16 EST .

  13 people like this.

   Surfhut  Bird, you are never boring! My dear Italian grandmother taught me how to grow and preserve food. The time I spent with her, and the knowledge she gave me, are two of my life's greatest treasures. Bring it, Bird!
January 24 at 10:15 EST .

  5 people like this.

   Gerty  Wow! Our Italian grandmothers did a good job!!
January 27 at 19:16 EST .

  7 people like this.

   BirdsNest  You are right about that, Gerty.
February 1 at 08:01 EST .

  8 people like this.

   BirdsNest  Check this out...
January 22 at 08:03 EST .

   8 people like this.

   BirdsNest  Length of day was 10 hours 0 minutes of daylight. Tomorrow will be 1 minutes 36 seconds longer.....time to do the happy dance. Plants will begin to come out of their sleep once the day reaches 10 hrs. Spring planting is just around the corner.
January 21 at 18:07 EST .

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   Balogreene  Oh boy, I should go out and do my fall tilling then : )
January 21 at 19:23 EST .

  11 people like this.

   BirdsNest  Balo, you are so funny!!
January 21 at 19:39 EST .

  15 people like this.

   Balogreene  I have worked so hard for the last year, I have little time to do what I want. I'm hoping it will slow down. My boss keeps promising to hire help, but he hasn't so far. I just want time to do things other than work.
January 22 at 20:03 EST .

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