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   MeiDei  Kids on campus get an education in current/past events - eyes unveiling ... HRC vs. DJT

June 23 at 11:17 EST .

   MeiDei  Something to consider.....
   June 9 at 11:17 EST .

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   HopeandGlory  Yes indeed!
June 20 at 22:13 EST .

   Papasparky  The liberal media tosses out racist accusations like bubble gum when the Circus Parade comes to town -- and for the very same reason and affect!!
   June 9 at 10:46 EST .

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   MeiDei  Justice is supposed to be blind, the judge wants otherwise.
June 9 at 11:19 EST .

 1 person like this.

   Papasparky  The Grand Metaphor . . .
   May 17 at 04:19 EST .

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   FlatCityGirl  I don’t know whether this belongs in Politics or Jokes, but it’s a true political story, and funny.

I have voted for one Democrat in my lifetime: Doug Wilder when he ran for and was elected Governor of Virginia. I probably would not have voted for him under other circumstances, but it so happened that I worked for an attorney in Richmond at that time who was great friends with Doug and I got to know him slightly. He was a good man at that time, not focused on blaming Whites for every ill since Eve ate the Apple. He has changed since. The last time I heard him speak, he was like so many of the old time Black leaders who at one time subscribed to judging people for their Character, not their Color.

Anyway. The year Doug was elected Governor as a Democrat, Virginia elected an Attorney General, Mary Sue Terry, who was a Republican, and a Lesbian, and the word was, Doug and Mary Sue really hated one another. The animus didn’t have anything to do with her being a Lesbian, it was all politics, and they were real enemies.

At that time, there was rumor going around [and I’ve always believed it to be true], that Doug was having an affair with a White Woman, Patricia Klugie, who was at that time, married to an old, old man named John Klugie, who was a billionaire; the Klugie estate was in Albemarle County [Charlottesville area].

Word was, Doug Wilder could be seen boarding the State helicopter early in the evening, two or three nights every week, and being flown up to the Klugie Estate; arriving back at the Governor’s Mansion in the wee hours.

The joke that went around Capitol Hill was: Question: What do Doug Wilder and Mary Sue Terry have in common? Answer: They are both sleeping with White Women.
   April 17 at 13:34 EST .

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   MeiDei  Do you think we'd be better served by Congress if they only operated in session for 6 months a year? March/April/May and Sept/Oct/Nov. (as an example - no going home w/ends unless family emergency - no Executive appointments when not in session ) and went home to their regular lives & occupations to live under the laws they made. Think of the savings in travel, entertainment, heat, electricity, etc. What to do about their DC office staff - what do they do in Texas when not in session? Just a day-dreaming thought. : )
   April 17 at 07:38 EST .

   5 people like this.

   FlatCityGirl  I think what you propose is the way it should work. I don't see any hope of changing the status quo. The Elected, "D"s and "R", know they can retain their power by handing out Free Stuff, and they need all twelve months to keep that going.
April 17 at 13:08 EST .

  5 people like this.

   MeiDei  The quote captioned is one among many. See: for more.
   April 11 at 13:44 EST .

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   Papasparky  . . . thoughts post Wisconsin . . .

At the self check out station in Kroger's, as I scanned the six pack of my favorite brew and the lady in the machine said, "please show your ID to the attendant", the young lady who is my beam of sunlight every day came over and said with her all knowing smile, "I suppose, like last time, this is really for your grandfather who is too old to drive anymore?".

I replied, with a twinkle in my eye, "you guessed it", and she giggled like always and asked me if I really thought she believed that?

Walking to the car, I suddenly wished she new my mythical grandfather as I do. Too blind to buy his own beer but still able to clearly see "the hand writing on the wall".

To all my 80's plus buddies with mythical grandfathers, it is time we all stow our prejudiced opinions in Al Gore's lock box, or if full, John's suit case or Mitt's binders and quit diluting our beer with tears.

My mythical GF once reminded me of the man on the roof top, clinging to the chimney as the water lapped at his feet during Katrina. He was crying out to God to save him, and above the din of howling wind and crashing thunder he heard a voice clearly saying, "I sent John in his row boat, and you sent him on, and then I sent Mitt in his speed boat and you waved him off, what are you now expecting -- Gabriel in a helicopter?".

Maybe, just maybe, it could be time to second guess our preconceived, always infallible, cast in bronze wisdom extraordinaire, and give Donald a chance. What have we got to lose, except our country? Just asking . . .

   April 8 at 12:47 EST .

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   Safetydude  ???????????
April 9 at 21:18 EST .

 1 person like this.

   Papasparky  Re 11x? -- just a swig of Maalox for us old timers who have heart burn over recent goings on . . .
April 16 at 03:27 EST .

  2 people like this.

   MeiDei  Those who profess to be Constitutional scholars should heed the words of James Madison who wrote it. Consider the many pages of ObamaCare as an example.
   April 6 at 04:44 EST .

   3 people like this.

   Safetydude  Think maybe it's time for the world to start hearing what Trump is saying about the peaceful Muslim religion ?????????

Maybe Obama will halt Muslim immigration into the US through the use of an executive order. Not!!!
   March 22 at 17:28 EST .

   7 people like this.

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