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   Allsogreat  Brought to you by our Mooslim Government in Washington..
5 hours ago .

   1 person like this.

   P51Mustang  It might be useful to find out who is purchasing from StemExpress: public exposure might help dry up the market from that side.
22 hours ago .

   1 person like this.

   Fireball27  Bettijo check out the Range, 2nd Amendment page for my answer to your question.
Yesterday at 13:48 EST .

   Bettijo  Think about it for a while if it is too deep for you.

Hint: Any object, wholly or partially immersed in a fluid, is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the fluid displaced by the object.

— Archimedes of Syracuse

   July 29 at 06:58 EST .

   1 person like this.

   Safetydude  I must be missing something. The way I see this illustration, the poverty level is fixes to the economy so raising the minimum wage will also raise the economy. The boat is designed to float above the waterline, the white line on the hull ???
July 29 at 14:55 EST .

   Safetydude  ...'fixed' to the economy...
July 29 at 22:43 EST .

   MeiDei  I think it means - adding to the wage "increases the force" which keeps the boat floating 'higher' {as high] - or no change in general, the poverty line stays the same. I'm open to another interpretation.
July 30 at 11:16 EST .

   Iacta alea est  To me the picture says that no matter how high the "minimum wage" goes there will always be a poverty line above it.
Thursday at 17:06 EST .

 1 person like this.

   Safetydude  Roger that.
Most union contracts are based on a fraction multiple of the minimum wage. So, raise the minimum wage and the wages above it go up as well.

Remember..."a rising tide lifts all boats"...?
That was John F. Kennedy. What happened to his Democratic party?
Thursday at 17:51 EST .

   Gerty  I just received news to my e-mail that Walmart is having a GIANT rollback event. Wow, I can hardly wait to see what Christmas-in-July deals await me.

Never mind. Just picked out one item for a test run: Set of 3 Sterlite storage draws $16.86. That, my friends, represents the savings of $1.02.

I kid you NOT.
July 28 at 08:42 EST .

   Safetydude  Well, I don't frequent Walmart but for a saving like that I had to go to a Walmart store to check it out. Guess what,
I still don't frequent Walmart.
Thursday at 17:56 EST .

   Gerty  Mr. Dude, I really enjoy my trips to Walmart! If nothing else, the sheer volume of merchandise is staggering! When the opportunity presents itself, I go to a smaller Walmart in a sleepy town in southern Conn. I have never seen one of the "Walmart Characters" displayed on Facebook there and the help could not be more helpful or friendlier. I like to think good ole Sam Walton would have liked it here.
Thursday at 18:44 EST .

   Safetydude  A bit of random rambling about Walmart, just for you Gerty.

Many, many years ago I was a member of B-1B bomb wing stationed on Robins AFB, located in south-central Georgia. The B1 was part of Carter's START treaty with the Soviets and periodically a Russian inspection team would arrive to check that we were living up to our part of that treaty.
I was a member of one of several teams that escorted the Russians around base.
However, most of the time what the inspectors really wanted to do was get the inspections over as early as possible and go shopping in our mega-stores; Walmart, K-Mart, Target,etc in Warner Robins and Macon.
I spent more time sitting in parking lots waiting for my Soviet 'guests' than I did showing them the base facilities on their inspection agenda.
Thursday at 21:03 EST .

   Gerty  There ya go!!!
Yesterday at 19:36 EST .

  4 people like this.

   John C  Just tried to leave a message for McConnell via his KY office and was told that they can only take in-state messages and for me to have a good day.
July 27 at 12:34 EST .

   Grahamcracker  That practice really frosts me. If that is the philosophy of our elected elites, then their salaries should be the responsibility of their constituents. Not only do all of us pay all of their salaries, their decisions affect all of us.
July 27 at 23:09 EST .

 1 person like this.

   StormCnter  Many officeholders have that same rule. It's not unique to McConnell. Try a snail mail letter. Most of them pay more attention to a physical letter than to an email or phone message.
July 28 at 06:37 EST .

   Bettijo  Several years ago I was trying to contact somebody in Congress (forget who ) and had to provide an in-state or in-district ZIP code. A little research turned up an acceptable ZIP code and I was able to get through. But, like you, my tax dollars pay his salary and he should have someone available to take messages/concerns from any/all of us.
July 29 at 11:26 EST .

 1 person like this.

   MeiDei  Why Bettijo, you clever lady, I think you just planted a seed in our heads on how to get through!
Yesterday at 09:52 EST .

   RedWhiteBlue  If their decisions only effected THEIR little state then OK (LOL ), but when their decisions, voting, etc effects the whole country and it's good citizens then they should and must be able to take responses from the all of us! There's a jerk Kildee in Michigan that is about to vote for the Iran deal and was going to read him the riot act I could not email him OR call his office and do the same. His nasty vote on this horrid mistake is going effect ALL of us not just Michigan!!!! What a loony state and all the loony voters. After all it's supposed to be a government of, for and by the people and if these jerks don't know what WE want then they are not doing the job they were sent to D.C. to do! Well, they're not doing a good job anyway....99% should be canned and sent packing to find a job on the street!
14 hours ago .

   MeiDei  Just when you thought you've heard it all, another abomination shows up:
July 25 at 12:01 EST .

   1 person like this.

   Alice  MeiDei, I just read about that in a post on the main page. As I said there, poor Detroit.

It reminded me that I lost a photo supposedly of the 2000 Gore-Bradley debate. Either altered jpeg or natural wrinkling of the stage curtain behind them, it depicted a demon watching over the Democratic Party debate. So apt... :- )

A quick search of google images just now did not turn it up, but I hope someone here has it and will share it.
July 27 at 15:19 EST .

 1 person like this.

   RedWhiteBlue  Detroit, wouldn't you know it!
14 hours ago .

   JoniTx  This is worth sharing...."Never Before Seen Images Showing Top Bush Admin Officials Reactions on 9/11 Are Emotionally Gripping"
July 24 at 19:00 EST .

   MeiDei  I scrolled down, after reading the comments, to the Jon Stewart interview - and read those comments - maybe there's hope for the future.
July 24 at 19:18 EST .

   Grahamcracker  So glad you posted this, Distorted. Same thing happened to me today on my ipad. Went to my laptop to find the phone# & as soon as I typed it in, my ipad returned to normal. I don't know if that was a coincidence or not as I'm not technically savvy. Something is going on w/the Lucianne site, though. Every so often the posts become almost unreadable they are so small. I, too, have had crashing problems the past couple days.
July 23 at 18:29 EST .

   StephaniePlum  Same here, Grahamcracker, about receiving the error message and frozen website on my iPad. However, it only happens on the iPad and only with Lucianne, not on my desktop with Windows where I access Lucianne fine via Firefox. I played around yesterday on the iPad and got on-line another way and have avoided Lucianne on the iPad today and no problems. I also avoid those "instant fix" phone numbers like the plague knowing that there is a scam involved. Regarding the phone #, What exactly do you mean that you "typed it in" ... you called the 844 number or you just did a search ?
July 23 at 19:25 EST .

   Grahamcracker  I did a search. I'd never call one of those pop - up #s!
July 23 at 19:30 EST .

   Distorted  Can a virus be site specific and only activate when you open that certain site? The problem does not arise on any other website.
July 23 at 20:35 EST .

   StormCnter  I hope everyone saw the message on the Main Forum, right under Must Reads. It's Apple redirecting your computers.
July 26 at 08:49 EST .

   Distorted  Distorted Is suffering a hack attack presently. Since yesterday I have been having trouble staying signed in and strange ads take over the screen. Today a dialog box comes on and takes over my iPad forcing a reboot. The script in the box demands I call a 844 number. Is it me or is it the site?
July 23 at 13:08 EST .

   StormCnter  Distorted, I think you've picked up a virus somewhere. I am all over Lucianne off and on every day and I'm having no problem. Yesterday, however, the site crashed several times during the day, each time for only a short period. Everyone had trouble signing on, but it's been cleared today.
July 23 at 15:00 EST .

   MeiDei  Be wary of that 844 number - if it's what I suspect it's a $cam; had to do a system restore to get rid of the message & the virus.
July 23 at 16:38 EST .

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