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   Iacta alea est  I just started a fundraiser at "GoFundMe". I want to try and help folks save a little cash along with getting some satisfaction from doing some tasks for themselves. Remember the TV show "Newhart" where Bob was a writer of "How-To" books? Well this is my attempt at that, only in the Internet age. Please check out the link:
8 hours ago .

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   Flaming Sword  Why doesn't the NFL just start recruiting inmates up for parole,and skip the middlemen?
Wednesday at 17:42 EST .

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   Flaming Sword  Question.. Can Obama be tried for treason since he isn't actually a legal US citizen?
April 13 at 17:40 EST .

   13 people like this.

   Gerty  I don't believe it has ever been proven that Obama is NOT a US citizen.
April 13 at 18:13 EST .

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   Flaming Sword  OK, I'll rephrase. If he isn't a legal US citizen?
April 13 at 18:15 EST .

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   Balogreene  I'm assuming he is a citizen as his birth mother was. But, if he was not, then I think no, a non-citizen cannot be treasonous.
April 13 at 22:30 EST .

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   MeiDei  About 5 years ago Jack Cashill and others did extensive research & according to their conclusions: 1 ) you have to go by the law that was in effect in 1961 - at that time a mother could not confer citizenship upon her child unless she had attained age 19 (his mother turned 19 months after his birth ). 2 ) Therefore the father's citizenship would apply, and if his father is who he says he is - Kenya was a British colony/protectorate at the time & BHO would have been considered a British subject. This could mean that the birth certificate applied for in Hawaii by his grandmother might not be the forgery as claimed, having never been forensically investigated. 3 ) His mother applied for a US passport for him at age 5, it was denied with the reason given as the US was unauthorized to grant him a passport - thus, her subsequent marriage to Lolo, his adoption of him and an Indonesian passport issued. 4 ) There is no record of him attempting to reclaim American citizenship - IIRC a child in his circumstance would have until age 18 to do so. I haven't seen anything further to Sheriff Joe's investigation.. Using BHO's own words, "you don't hide something unless you have something to hide". More questions then answers, and Balo is right - a non-citizen can't be tried for treason.
April 14 at 10:03 EST .

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   MeiDei  Here's an interesting take on the whole birth thing:
The Brits could easily refute the claim that he was Kenyan born... interesting that they haven't and won't allow access to those records. We can all just get used to scratching our heads.
April 14 at 11:58 EST .

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   Safetydude  Some food for thought.
Wednesday at 17:31 EST .

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   Bettijo  "There are three ways for a person to claim citizenship, what most of us think of first is called Jus soli, “the right of the soil,” which is the physical location of your place of birth. (Do we know Obama's place of birth? ) The second is what is called Jus sanguinis, “the right of blood,” which you inherit from your parents. (I don't know how this works since his one US parent was underage ). The third is a combination of Jus soli and Jus sanguinis, and it is this combination that determines if one is a natural born citizen."

We know he is not a natural born citizen, but he may not be a citizen at all. I have read that he had to have acquired Indonesian citizenship to go to school there and there is no record of his ever rescinding it. So, who knows?
Yesterday at 20:29 EST .

   JoniTx  Here it is, Hillary is running:
April 12 at 16:03 EST .

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   Timber Queen  Tales from the forest. Sometime Tuesday night a HUGE tree fell across the creek during a rainstorm. I heard a funny "thwamp" sound Tuesday night, but not until Thursday morning did I notice that the view from the deck seemed more open. First we've got to get the branches and debris out of the creek bed and get the water flowing freely again. However, it appears that this is a blessing in disguise. For years we have wanted to bridge the creek so we could easily access the other side, which is where a majority of our parcel is located, but there always seems to be another priority for funding. While we have envisioned a bridge wide enough to accommodate the tractors, it may be that a foot bridge has landed in our laps, so to speak.
   April 10 at 17:08 EST .

   16 people like this.

   Escaped commieny  TQ, last night my login didn't work, you really need to post Trooper and Remington s pics on the dog & critter wall, they will be a great help . GOD BLESS AMERICA
April 10 at 18:19 EST .

  13 people like this.

   Gerty  Be careful on that "bridge", Miss TQ! It looks beautiful.
April 10 at 18:39 EST .

  13 people like this.

   Timber Queen  EC - Remington and Trooper photo posted on the Critter wall.

Gerty - The Timber King is planning many improvements to make our bridge safe to cross; it will be limbed and cleaned up, the top of the log will be planed flat, and it will have hand/guard rails. We have my life-long best friend and her husband coming for their annual two week visit at the end of April into May, and I know they'll be all in to help on the bridge project. For years the four of us have been scouting the creek for possible crossing points. We always rejected this site because the bank on the other side was so high. I just love it when the Lord provides!
April 10 at 22:17 EST .

  12 people like this.

   Gerty  That settles it! You must keep us up on this anticipated project. The Lord does, indeed, provide.
April 11 at 10:08 EST .

  12 people like this.

   Bettijo  Interactive graphic: Hillary Clinton's insider network

This is interesting and scary!
April 10 at 12:08 EST .

   15 people like this.

   Escaped commieny  Thank you Luis, my Log On works again, thanks, EC
April 10 at 07:58 EST .

   15 people like this.

   Bettijo  Good!
April 10 at 12:09 EST .

  12 people like this.

   MeiDei  Take Them at Their Word - Bill Whittle on the mullahs profession of action.
April 9 at 20:42 EST .

   14 people like this.

   Gram77  Any of you folks that check out photographs here know how I love trains. Boy, I could live in any of these rail cars/houses in a minute!!
April 9 at 10:56 EST .

   14 people like this.

   Gram77  Oops, should be on Coffee Klatch!!
April 9 at 10:58 EST .

  12 people like this.


But the real crowd pleaser may have been 18 year old Marlana VanHoose, whose rendition of The Star Spangled Banner set the crowd on fire.

Born with cerebral palsy, without a fully formed optic nerve, VanHoose has never been able to see, so she was unable to witness the crowd erupt in applause after she took the stage at the Kentucky Galt House Hotel.

Doctor’s had predicted that she would not make it past her first birthday,

According to her website, “Marlana was humming “Jesus loves me” before she talked and by the time she was 2 years old she taught herself to play the piano.” She has also sung the national anthem at sporting events and has been featured on ESPN.

Thankfully, the gifted teen who defied all odds could hear the cheers and chants of USA! USA! USA! after her awe-inspiring performance.

How amazing is this girl’s voice? She certainly is amazing, and I hope to see more of her in years to come!
April 9 at 08:30 EST .

   15 people like this.

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