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   MeiDei  Do wind farms affect the rotation of the Earth - weather patterns?
Sunday at 18:49 EST .

   Safetydude  Ok, I can't hold back any longer....

A couple of years ago we were entertaining some friends at home and the conversation turned to travel. Everyone had a story to tell and I mentioned that when I was stationed in Heideleberg, in what was then West Germany, I visited Amsterdam several times(wink,wink,nudge,nudge ).
I'm now standing up with my right hand raised; one of the ladies in the room asked me;" you think all those windmills in Holland have a cooling affect on their weather?"...

I'm still speechless.
21 hours ago .

   StormCnter  Your story proves that we are surrounded by morons, ┬┐verdad?
13 hours ago .

   Wetenschapper  Had a similar experience. My family and I live in Belgium, and several years ago, my Mom, then in her eighties, came for a visit. We picked her up in the Amsterdam Schiphol airport, passing numerous windmills on our way back to our home. "Do those windmills run on diesel or electric motors?" Mom wanted to know.
11 hours ago .

   MeiDei  I've been waiting for someone to bite (laughing ) at this teaser! Love your remarks!
Heard some fellow on TV speaking "w/authority" extrapolate wind/weather to wind farms & weather to rotation - the article nixes that, however, he has followers: some want funding for a study, some teach, some invite him to speak. I'm more concerned with the thousands of birds getting chopped up by windmills or fried by solar farms & surprised the environmentalists aren't objecting - even the govt. doesn't care about all the dead eagles. Guess insects, rodents & snakes have the odds in their favor with fewer predators. Thanks for commenting.
10 hours ago .

   Fireball27  Got my copy of the movie "Travis a soldier's story" yesterday. All I can say is WOW! Anyone think they have a hard row to hoe? Take a look at Travis Mills for all the inspiration one would ever need. Please go to Travis' site and order this movie. The money raised goes toward helping our warriors with their recovery. Travis is really remarkable. After only 5 weeks, 5 WEEKS, he walked in a 5K race! All four limbs mostly gone, and he does something so tough in such a short time! Warning!, you must watch this movie with a box of tissue at your side. I don't care who you are. Please visit Travis' foundation web site as well.
Sunday at 18:46 EST .

   Tulsa  When Win. 10 came out someone somewhere posted KB3035583 (download was available in April ) as the download that reserved the Win 10 copy when available. I found the download on our computers, right clicked and hid it.

The article below says if you never installed KB3035583 'you are fine'. To be safe, I will check every download until the free offer for Win 10 expires and possibly beyond.

The link below tells you how to find it and uninstall it.

It truly is not difficult to do. KB3035583 was offered in April. Was it 2015? or 2016? It feels like we have been dealing with this gnat forever.
May 22 at 11:46 EST .

   StormCnter  When looking at the available Windows updates awaiting your permission to download and install, be careful. Just looking at the list puts a checkmark as if the files have been selected. When you've finished looking, click on Cancel. I have a list of 91 "available" Windows updates considered to be essential. Obviously, I don't consider them essential.
May 22 at 12:19 EST .

   Tulsa  Our updates are either essential/recommended (not certain of the word right now ) or optional. What is so weird is the MSSE (security essentials, virus protection ) are all optional in Win 7 updates. They are downloaded automatically if we don't see them first and download. That is just strange to me.

Thank you for the warning/tip. I'm positive I don't know enough about this to decide if an update is essential or not. All I know is I don't want Win. 10 ever and I have no idea what we'll do when our current pcs need to be retired.

Have a glorious Sunday, Storm.
May 22 at 12:50 EST .

   Wetenschapper  Users should also be aware of Microsoft's new dirty trick - they've changed the way the "Upgrade to Windows 10 for Free" window works. When this nag screen pops up, used to be that hitting the close-window "X" in the upper right stopped the upgrade. Now, however, even if you simply close the nag screen, it starts upgrading. Instead, you now have to click a tiny, hard-to-find link to stop the forced upgrade. More on this here:
Yesterday at 09:02 EST .

   MeiDei  The Forum's article on Biden's address at West Point had the following come to mind.
Care to see cadets wearing red high heels and the story behind it? Go to:
May 21 at 19:56 EST .

   Tulsa  This tiny url

will take you to the list of Win 10 updates downloaded with or without your permission that builds/built the Win. 10 operating system. There are not that many of them (5 ) and the dates they were downloaded are listed, which makes them easy to find. They start 2/9 and go thru 5/10.

I checked our pcs and none have been downloaded. I pray we continue to be delivered from a system we do not want.
May 21 at 17:28 EST .

   StormCnter  My computer tech told me he never downloads and installs Windows updates unless they are clearly identifiable and he knows what they will do. I have my settings done the same way Mildred described hers. Nothing has downloaded or installed for years unless I give permission.
So far, so good.
May 21 at 18:06 EST .

   StormCnter  I hope the Restore to an earlier date is successful for those who inadvertently got Win 10 installed. If all else fails, a destructive restore will do the job. That clears everything away and installs only what came on your computer when you bought it. A Gateway tech told me several years ago that she Destructive Restores her personal computer about twice a year, just to clean out any debris. Of course good backups are vital before beginning a DR, so you can replace your files, externals, etc.
May 21 at 18:11 EST .

   Mildred  I'm not very tech savvy but I do a lot of research when I don't understand a computer problem. I never change the computer unless the 'fix' is easy and easily identified. There are a lot of people on the internet that think they know more than everyone else about fixing problems so we need to be careful. Friends and work associates may not know as much either. Anything I post here I have done on my own computer. I want to thank those who have offered solutions and suggestons. I think I've learned more from L.dotters than from others. As I said, first do the least harm and see if that works. Also, be sure to completely shut down the computer and start it again after every change.
May 21 at 21:28 EST .

   Tulsa  StormC. I took your advice and Mildred's and changed the settings to view every download before installing.

The thing is, we have MSSE (MS Security Essentials ) virus protection, which is free and very good and there are frequent downloads. They are mixed in the weekly Win 7 updates. It's worth a bit of time to check every download under the circumstances. I never considered doing that until Win. 10.

The way I read this Win. 10 mess, the free offer expires July 25? 26? Hopefully after that MS will cease this pushiness. This stunt is not good business, imo.

Mildred you are correct. My motto on everything is 'When in doubt, don't.' I know my limitations and have no problem calling a tech.

What I know I've learned from watching techs take desktops and laptops out of the box and set them up. Or watching them if I call for a tune up. Learning simple basic maintenance saved us a lot of heartache and service calls.

I truly appreciate the things I've learned here and I thank you both.
May 21 at 23:17 EST .

   Wetenschapper  Though a long-time Linux user, I still keep one drive in my machine with a copy of Windows on it - mostly so I can run TurboTax when tax time rolls around. I finally decided to allow the upgrade on my computer - but first, I used Clonezilla to make an exact duplicate of my Win 7 system, and only then upgraded the clone with my Win 7 drive safely tucked away in a drawer. I've been using 10 about three weeks now, and once it's been thoroughly decrapified, it's not too bad. I've deleted the files of several "features" such as OneDrive and removed all references to them from the registry. Then I installed Classic Shell, a freeware program which turns your desktop into Windows XP or 7 - your choice - or you can instantly click back to the abomination that is the Windows 10 desktop. Great software!
Yesterday at 09:12 EST .

   RedWhiteBlue  For some reason all of a sudden I was forced onto windows10? Now that I'm wading through it all you apparently have to log on every time you get on the computer! That's annoying all by itself! Is there a fix for this that is easy, simple and quick? Am I asking for too much?
May 19 at 13:37 EST .

   RedWhiteBlue  Ooooops, I should have posted this on the computer area. Sorry : )
May 19 at 13:38 EST .

   StormCnter  RWB, I am still using Windows 7, but I did some research for you and found this set of instructions for bypassing the logon screen permanently in Windows 10. I read through the instructions and the steps are clear and simple. Print out the page before you do it, though, so you won't have to flick back and forth.
May 19 at 15:08 EST .

 1 person like this.

   StormCnter  One more tip. When you are typing in (per the instructions ), don't include the apostrophes. They're only there to highlight the instructed type-ins.
May 19 at 15:12 EST .

   StormCnter  Here are the instructions from CNet. They are basically the same as the above, but give illustrations you can follow:
May 20 at 15:23 EST .

   Tulsa  StormC is it possible to do a system restore to the day prior to the change? Then redownload all updates but the Win. 10. Otherwise I'd call our tech who makes house calls for $20 an hour and let him do it.

I removed the MS update that would have allowed the change back in July.

Just this week a window popped up saying Win 10 was scheduled to download on Sat. blah, blah. Select ok or no. We selected no

I set the desktop and the laptop to no, then went to 'customize' the tiny up arrow lower right and at GWX (Get Win. X (10 ) I chose hide icons and notifications.

I would be livid if MS changed Win 7 to Win 10. Win 8 was out when we ordered Win 7. We do not want touch.

My goodness, RW&B. I'm so sorry this happened to you.
May 20 at 17:09 EST .

   RedWhiteBlue  StormCnter - Thank you so much for all that you did for me. I always said that you the best! : )

After I got on the page and printed it out like you said I found not much that resembled what was on that page. LOL. My luck. They assume that we know what they are talking where's the START menu button. And then once I googles that I got no where since nothing really looks and reads like the instructions. I have to study this thing before I make ANY changes. It's a different animal all together. And I'm not sure I want/need all these window things to use. Sigh....I saw nothing wrong with my win 7. I will dig into it though....thank you so much. I'll be back...
May 20 at 20:09 EST .

   Mildred  RedWhiteBlue. When Win 10 debuted last year, I purposely got a new laptop with Win 7 but decided to let the old laptop install Win 10. Within days I knew I didn't want anything to do with Win 10. I found these instructions. They were easy but be aware that this was last year and Win 10 may have changed. You could also google 'Go Back to Windows 7 or 8.1. If you can't do that in Win 10, borrow someone else's computer!
If you've upgraded to Win 10 (not performed a clean install ) this allows you to to revert to the last version of Windows. Open the Start menu and select Settings. Click the 'Update and security' icon and select 'Recovery'. You should see a 'Go back to Windows 7' or 'Go back to Windows 8.1' option. Click the Get started button and you are good to go. Microsoft may ask why you want to go back.
This works as long as the update was installed within the month. Good luck with whatever you do. I hate Win 10 and may seriously consider a Mac the next time I get a new computer.
May 20 at 21:41 EST .

   Mildred  RedWhiteBlue. Once you get back to Win 7 you need to change your update schedule. Click Start, then all programs, and Windows Update. When the update window opens, on the left side, click Change Settings. Then choose How Windows Can Install Udates. On the Important Update drop down, Click 'check for updates but let me choose whether to download and install them.'
You will need to check 'Windows Update' often and then google the update 'KB####'. If Win 10 is mentioned, uncheck the update before installing any other updates you want. So far, I've been able to stop installing updates to the 'update/install to Win 10.' I keep a list of updates that I have found to be Win 10 related--Microsoft tries to get you to install them even though you've stopped them before. Also, after unchecking the update, right click on the update and click 'hide this update.'
This is really annoying but it is easier than you think
May 20 at 21:50 EST .

   StormCnter  Thank you, Mildred. My tech savviness (is that a word ) has its limits, but I agree a System Restore to an earlier date ought to work just fine. Good luck, Tulsa and RWB.
May 21 at 05:28 EST .

   Prudente  Question: why does someone have to release their tax returns? If the IRS has a problem it will be resolved with the IRS. Why should we care what's on the form? Seems like the one reason is to Monday morning quarterback.
May 15 at 09:06 EST .

   3 people like this.

   August9  I don't believe that anyone HAS to release their returns, however, IMHO there are two words that explain why the libs want Trump"s return(s ) made public-----Envy and Jealousy.
They want the word "Billions" used as a slur against Trump!

Recall the definition of "rich" ------anyone who makes $100.00 more the you.

Also, Bill & Hill are probably poor as church mice on their tax returns, and one would have to dig through multiple, (hidden ) layers to get to their wealth, (The Clinton Crime Foundation ).
May 16 at 23:52 EST .

 1 person like this.

   Verdantheart  It's a rainy Saturday afternoon in Texas, with lots of thunder. Perfect thinking weather. I would estimate that the Good Lord has gifted everybody in my area with water valued at $1,000 since the beginning of the year. What a blessing. Those who are growing veggies need only mulch to keep the weeds under control; Mother Nature is doing the rest.

All this seemed impossible four or five years ago. The drought was so severe, and the sun so intense, that huge swaths of vegetation died. Yet here we are, showered with abundance.

What kept gardeners going when the world seemed so bleak, so hopeless? I think it is the picture we all see in our mind: lush, green, flowers in bud and veggies starting to appear. It was the knowledge that it has happened before and it can happen again.

As we try to discern the wise thing to do in Election 2016, the same concept applies: what will success look like? Where will you be, and what will you be doing that is different from today? Thoughts for a rainy Saturday.
May 14 at 15:13 EST .

   2 people like this.

   Fireball27  How is this possible? I'm sure I heard Texas would never get anymore water due to global climate change. Plant, water, harvest. Repeat. Sometimes getting the water might be a little harder than others, but the system works as it was designed. Plant, water, harvest. When water for your garden is in short supply, there are many ways to get the water you normally wouldn't use. Be creative, we are Americans!
May 15 at 16:45 EST .

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   Allsogreat  An old cowboy walks into a barbershop in Red Lodge,
Montana for a shave and a haircut. He tells the barber
he can't get all his whiskers off because his cheeks
are wrinkled from age.

The barber gets a little wooden ball from a cup on the
shelf and tells the old cowboy to put it inside his
cheek to spread out the skin. When he's finished, the
old cowboy tells the barber that was the cleanest shave
he'd had in years, but he wanted to know what would
have happened if he had accidentally swallowed the
little ball. The barber replied, just bring it back in a
couple of days like everyone else does.
May 12 at 14:31 EST .

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   Gram77  What's with all the ads on the main site? Does Lucianne need some support? When I first found this site there were ads but not like this! Kind of distracting if you ask me.
May 11 at 22:40 EST .

   1 person like this.

   Tulsa  It's 7:30 am on Thurs. The ads are gone on the homepage. The cartoon is up and ABP is off on the homepage so I can see the cartoon. I sent a complaint and screen shot to ABP yesterday. I have no idea if the ads will be back or not. Mildred and I had a nice back and forth yesterday and Mildred recommended AdFender if this continues here.

The ads were on every page yesterday.
May 12 at 08:32 EST .

 1 person like this.

   Mildred  Good morning Tulsa and Gram. It's only 5:45 am here and I decided to see if AdFender is working. It's sorta working. I have one large strip of ads on the Home Page in the middle of the posts. I think I can live with that. When ABP works, it's the better of the two but I got tired on the on again off again problems. I can always switch back to ABP. It's still strange that this is the only site I read that has this problem.
May 12 at 08:49 EST .

   Mildred  A final note. At first I continued to get ads with AdFender but I went to the main console and clicked on filters. I then checked all the boxes and now I only have a few on Yahoo mail. If an ad appears, I've exited the website and then opened it again. It usually disappears. So far, it's doing what it says it's supposed to do.
May 13 at 15:13 EST .

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