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   MeiDei  Re-posted from the Movie & Reviews Wall: In searching for more quizzes I came across an extremely well done made for TV movie that, according to IMBd, was not distributed here in the States. Many excellent actors [you will easily recognize in this period piece spanning the last years of Elizabeth the 1st, primarily about Mary Queen of Scots & the rise to power of her son James the First. The title is "Gunpowder, Treason & Plot" - how historically accurate it is I don't know, enough perhaps but it's sending me to do more research.
Pt 1 (1 hr. 40 mins. ) is here:
Pt 2 (equal length ):
March 16 at 18:38 EST .

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   MeiDei  After some research, I found this most accurate with some assumptions of the past being hinted at (James' affections, that have, in the 10 years since this production, been dispelled as gossip against him for political reasons ). If I had to find fault, Robert Carlyle [while perfect for the part] is too old for the young James VI & probably, for time restraints, his time line was accelerated. Historians today don't conclude that the first years of his marriage began with contention - that came later. Yet even at the end there was a special bond between them & he truly mourned Anne's death. The film only shows 3 of his children, when they had 9, 7 of which were live births but only 3 reached adulthood. His infirmaries were gout & arthritis mainly - rather than what seemed to me - a club foot. The acting of the other characters was exceptional & believable. A few token sex scenes of short duration & one of Emelia Fox naked. The hostilities between Scotland & England were over during James reign.
March 17 at 18:58 EST .

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   M2  Has anyone seen the Spanish TV series called "Velvet"? It's set in the late 50's in Madrid.It's a love story wrapped around a fashion house. It's a little like Downton Abbey only Spanish. Good acting and characters. Waiting for Season 2. Recommend.
March 15 at 16:48 EST .

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   NotaBene  Yes, I love Velvet. Waiting for season 2 also.

There is also Gran Hotel, also in Spanish, 47 episodes. I really enjoyed it. It is about a family that own a hotel.