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Suggested Viewing/Listening

   Hagarmeister  Son in Law's new song performed at the Grand Ole Opry.
December 14 at 11:29 EST .

   12 people like this.

   BirdsNest  We were able to score a boxed collection of the Lord of the Rings trilogy-extended versions at the flea market for $2. We started last night with the first one, it was 2 dvd's long and really lots of extra scenes making it more enjoyable than the one released to the theaters. There are also 2 discs with interviews and how they did the movie, that kind if stuff. We rarely watch that part of any dvd, but after the other 2 movies are viewed we may go back and watch those. I found the scenery to be so beautiful, maybe some of it is computer generated, but that is interesting as well.
November 26 at 08:19 EST .

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   M2  My spouse and I have become great fans of foreign movies, considering the quality of so many American made movies. We have found several TV series that are exceptional, among them of course, is "Downton Abbey". But then there are less noon series that are at least equally good. ---- "Larkrise to Candleford", "Doc Martin", "The Paradise", "Peaky Blinders", and "The Bletchley Circle" all British TV series, to name only a few.. We strongly recommend beginning at the beginning of each series. All can be Netflix'd. Have fun!
November 22 at 16:55 EST .

   17 people like this.

   RoseOfTexas  Dittos for The Paradise & Bletchley Circle. Susan from Bletchley is Lizzy Darcy in Murder Comes to Pemberly - love her! I also enjoy Call the Midwife, Cranford, & Silk.
December 2 at 18:29 EST .

  16 people like this.

   MeiDei  Ditto all the above (less Peaky Blinders which is new to me & Doc Martin - tried but couldn't get into it though I like Stephanie Cole ). Also like Father Tom &, of course, the new Inspector Morse series.
December 3 at 22:42 EST .

  7 people like this.

   M2  How could I have omitted Cranford and Call the Midwife? They're also outstanding. Have not seen "Silk" but I think it's about the British Courts, right? Will have to scope it out. "Peaky Blinders" is excellent! And everyone is in love with "Doc Martin".
December 4 at 08:29 EST .

  11 people like this.

   RoseOfTexas  Yes, Silk is a legal drama. It was only 1 season & I wanted to see more. Online tv guide says there will be a Call the Midwife holiday special on Christmas Day (night ). And for those who missed Death Comes to Pemberley, it will air this Friday night, at least in my (Houston ) viewing area.
December 14 at 22:43 EST .

  5 people like this.

   Shimmer128  Am I the only Walking Dead fan on Ldot????
November 15 at 14:45 EST .

   19 people like this.

   M2  I tried watching it to see what all the fuss was about. It gets pretty old watching people get eaten.
November 22 at 16:46 EST .

  11 people like this.

   BirdsNest  We gave up satellite TV about 18 months ago and had been watching movies nearly every night. Now our TV has died and we are reduced to watching movies on the laptop. Our friend sent us 2 seasons of "True Blood"-I think I caught a couple of episodes on TV and did not go back for more. Was I right?
November 5 at 18:56 EST .

   16 people like this.

   Flaming Sword  I found a site I love to find free movies. You type in the name of the movie, it will tell you where you can stream it live. Amazon Prime, Netflix,etc. You can also ask to be reminded when it is available, also on cable channels, Xfinity, Encore every possible cable provider.
October 18 at 13:35 EST .

   21 people like this.

   MeiDei  To keep it light, here's a quiz for Sleepy Hollow fans.......just for fun.
October 16 at 19:24 EST .

   20 people like this.

   Richdet  Did you take the quiz, Mei? My wife says I am a lock for the Headless Horseman.
October 23 at 18:23 EST .

  19 people like this.

   MeiDei  Yes I did. I got Abbie Mills. BTW Tom Mison was a guest on David Letterman tonight (12/29 12:20 a.m. ) What did your results reveal?
October 29 at 00:35 EST .

  17 people like this.

   Richdet  Also Abbie Mills. I am happy with that. I was afraid I would turn out to be Henry.
October 29 at 12:58 EST .

  15 people like this.

   NotaBene  Anybody watching The Good Wife? I used to like this show when it was about Lockhart-Gardner but it has become too complicated and yesterday they featured Valerie Jarrett. She was awful. I like to watch some shows to distract me from what is happening in this country under this administration. Why did they have to bring this woman? Featuring Jarrett yesterday was a low point. I think this is the last episode I am watching.

Any comments?
September 29 at 10:59 EST .

   23 people like this.

   Richdet  My comment is: Thanks for the warning! My curiosity about this show just went out the window.

I caught parts of a couple of "Good Wife" episodes last season, which struck me as very well acted and interesting. So I have been thinking about checking it out. As for Valerie Jarrett, I would counter: why "Madam Secretary" as the lead-in? From the ads, the latter show looks like some valentine to a Hillary Clinton surrogate. It appears that CBS is stacking the deck for Democrat women on Sunday nights.
September 29 at 13:09 EST .

  21 people like this.

   Gram77  I'm not happy with the merger. I would much rather have seen how Carey and Alisha would have gone forward on their own. I would like to ask if any one watched the opening show Gracepoint? I wonder how long it will take to bring out the past of the new detective put in charge. Something fishy there. Also I am trying to get into How To Get Away With Murder. Lots of lose ends with this one that I can't tie together yet.
October 3 at 09:02 EST .

  20 people like this.

   MeiDei  Has anyone been following the TV series "The Knick"? It popped up on my computer home page and I watched the pilot. Stars Clive Owen, I don't recognize the others but they play their parts well. It's about life in a hospital during 1900 - racial, drug use & of course, surgeries - very life like.
September 15 at 21:28 EST .

   26 people like this.

   Richdet  The first 3 episodes were shown during Labor Day weekend by my cable company as a freebie. I liked what I saw. I figure I will have to buy the dvd down the road. Anyone who likes this series might sample "Ripper Street," about the police in the London district in the aftermath of the Jack the Ripper crimes. Same period as "The Knick" basically, but set in London not New York, and a similar vibe. It stars Matthew Macfadyen, who is a Clive Owen type in his own right, and Jerome Flynn, who moonlights as Bronn, Peter Dinklage's sidekick/protector, on "Game of Thrones."
September 21 at 14:14 EST .

  21 people like this.

   Richdet  Should have mentioned: At least one of the seasons of "Ripper Street" has been shown here on BBC America. Maybe it's available on that channel's website for sampling.

While we are talking about tv shows set a century ago, a very offbeat "medical" program is "Young Doctor's Notebook" with Daniel (Harry Potter ) Radcliffe and Jon (Mad Men ) Hamm as his older alter ego. It is based on the short stories of Mikhail Bulgakov about his experiences as a young surgeon in a God-forsaken remote village during the Russian Revolution. Each episode runs less than a half-hour. It's definitely offbeat, to say the least, but it makes me laugh. It appears on the Ovation channel, which I didn't even know I could get on my tv until I caught some reference to this show.
September 21 at 14:24 EST .

  22 people like this.

   MeiDei  Ripper Street was a series I watched too & enjoyed. I remember Matthew in an early edition of MI5, in real life he married the gal who was involved with her partner in "reel" life, Keeley Hawes. The series with Radcliffe is unfamiliar to me but I'll watch out for it.
September 22 at 20:36 EST .

  24 people like this.

   MeiDei  Just saw the most recent episode of The Knick & then went to read the reviews for the show in general. Very favorable especially the one titled "The Rope" - what is interesting is that it was picked up for a second season before the pilot for it was shown.
September 29 at 18:21 EST .

  23 people like this.

   MeiDei  I'm not suggesting viewing DWTS - but for Duck Dynasty fans - Sadie Robertson
The 17-year-old "Duck Dynasty" star has been paired with pro dancer Mark Ballas. And for race car fans, Waltrip is also on the roster as is Tommy Chong
September 4 at 10:51 EST .

   25 people like this.

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